0-4-0 Locomotives in the USA

Many early steam locomotives were of the 0-4-0 wheel arrangement. 0-4-0 switchers were used on many US railroads. Both tender and tank designs were common.

Railroads that used 0-4-0 locomotives in the USA (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 0-4-0 Locomotives in the USA

No. Class F.M. Whyte Gauge Railroad Line Location Status Builder Info Notes
1 (802) 0-4-0ST 4'-8½" Alaska RR (ICC) Alaska RR Depot, Anchorage, AK display Davenport #764, 1907 built as ng, converted to std
3 0-4-0T 4'-8½" HELC Bob Yost, Anchorage, AK private restoration H.K. Porter #5939, 1916 from Craig Adams farm, Medford, OR
1 0-4-0T 36" No. Light Power Coal T Keith Christenson, Chugiak, AK private H.K. Porter #3025, 1904
1 0-4-0T 36" Alaska RR Tanana Valley Railroad, Pioneer Park, Fairbanks, AK operational H.K. Porter #1972, 1899
201-03 or 201-04 0-4-0T 36" Berners Bay Mining & Milling Last Chance Mining Museum, Juneau, AK display H.K. Porter, 1895 discovered in Kensington Mine by Coeur AK and Echo Bay mining companies
3 0-4-0T-T 4'-8½" AK Antrhacite tundra, Katalla, AK abandoned ALCO (Dickson) #41751, 1907 Named Ole
5 0-4-0T 36" Premier Mine Palmer Train Depot, Palmer, AK display Baldwin (Burnham)
0-4-0 24" Silver Queen Mine Silver Queen Mine, Sheep Creek, AK derelict Risdon Iron Works geared
2 0-4-0T 36" Cheney Lime & Cement Cheney Lime & Cement, Allgood, AL stored Rogers #46731, 1910
1 0-4-0T 36" Queens Subway, Apartment & Loft Bldg Cheney Lime & Cement, Allgood, AL stored Vulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #3340, 1923
1003 tram 0-4-0T 4'-8½" SAL John Tisdale, L&N Depot, Andalusia, AL abandoned Baldwin #40131, 1913
41 0-4-0F 4'-8½" AL Power Co. Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, Calera, AL display
40 0-4-0F 4'-8½" Barry Steam Pl Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, Calera, AL display
3 (3801) 0-4-0T 4'-8½" AL Marble Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, Calera, AL restoration ALCO (Cooke) #48052, 1910
0-4-0T 36" unknown, Decatur, AL unknown H.K. Porter, 1911 From N FL Chapter NRHS, Jacksonville, FL. Was this locomotive purchased by Ken Riddle?
1 0-4-0F 4'-8½" AL Power Co. Gadsden Steam Plant, Gadsden, AL display H.K. Porter #8172, 1948
4 0-4-0 4'-8½" Sharon Steel Depot Museum, Huntsville, AL display H.K. Porter #3077, 1904
6 (5) 0-4-0F 36" Apache Powder Rails End, Hurtsboro, AL restoration H.K. Porter #7110, 1924 from Bucksgahuda & Western Railroad, St. Marys, PA, later Doe River Gorge, Hampton, TN
10 0-4-0F 4'-8½" AL Power Co. Hwy 79, Vulcan Materials Dolcito Quarry, Tarrant, AL display H.K. Porter #7312, 02/1941 From Ohatchee, AL
9 (38) 0-4-0 36" Carbon Limestone Fred H. Hallmark estate, Warrior, AL operational H.K. Porter #8217, 1949 from Petticoat Junction Railroad
5 0-4-0 36" Armour Phosphate Co. (US Equipment Co.) Fred H. Hallmark estate, Warrior, AL display H.K. Porter #5190, 1912 from Petticoat Junction Railroad
0-4-0T 36" Batesville Limestone Batesville Riverside Park, Batesville, AR display H.K. Porter #7074, 1928
7085 (6) 0-4-0T 36" Acme Brick Mountain Village 1890, Bull Shoals, AR display H.K. Porter #7085, 1940
35 0-4-0T 600mm Peter Buescher & Sohn ES&NA Railway, Eureka Springs, AR display Orenstein & Koppel (Berlin) #12444, 1933 from Germany, then Marco Polo Park, Bunnell, FL
1 0-4-0F 36" Apache Powder San Pedro Valley Arts & Historical Society, Benson, AZ display H.K. Porter #6827, 1923
5 6x10 0-4-0CA 18" Homestake Mining Arizona Railway Museum, Chandler, AZ display H.K. Porter #3290, 12/1905
30 8½&12x14 0-4-0CA 30" Ray Consolidated Copper Alden Road, Kearny, AZ display H.K. Porter #6956, 01/1925
5 0-4-0T 20" ACC (Coronado RR) town plaza, Morenci, AZ display H.K. Porter #920, 1888 Named Forman, from Clifton
2 0-4-0T 20" Detroit Copper Mining Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum, Phoenix, AZ restoration H.K. Porter #507, 1882 Named William Grant, from Clifton

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