0-6-0 Type Locomotives

Although the 0-6-0 wheel arrangement was more popular in Europe than in North America, a large number of them were used in the USA and Canada. The last locomotives built for a US railroad were 0-6-0 switchers from the Roanoke shops built for the Norfolk & Western Railroad.

USA and Canadian Railroads that used 0-6-0 Type Locomotives

Mexican, Central American, and Caribbean Railroads that used 0-6-0 Type Locomotives

Surviving Examples of 0-6-0 Type Locomotives

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InformationNotes
40460-6-04'-8½"AL By-Products Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, Calera, ALdisplayLima #8380, 1944
120-6-0T600mmSena SugarBitter Creek Western Railroad, Arroyo Grande, CAstoredPeckett & Sons (Bristol) #2144, 1953From England
114ton0-6-0T-T24"Colonial Sugar / Lautoka MillBitter Creek Western Railroad, Arroyo Grande, CAstoredJohn Fowler #9460, 1903 From England, then Alton & Pacific then Tony Nott
4 (5)0-6-04'-8½"State Belt (Modesto & Empire Traction)Bayshore Roundhouse, Brisbane, CAstored restorationVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #1759, 1911Moved from empty field west of Salt Lake City in 1995, to San Francisco.
10060-T-1230-6-0T4'-8½"EJ Lavino & Co Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, Campo, CAdisplayALCO (Cooke) #64764, 1923
0-6-0T30"Apollo Consolidated MiningWarren Roberts, Corona, CAprivate restorationBaldwin #15273, 04/1897From Alaska
15000-6-0T19"Overfair Swanton Pacific, Davenport, CArestorationLouis MacDermot, 1914 to be rebuilt as a 2-6-0
1238S-100-6-04'-8½"SP Roeding Park, 890 W Belmont Ave, Fresno, CAdisplayBaldwin #49304, 1918
30-6-0ST4'-8½"Mojave No. La Mesa Depot, Spring St &La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CAdisplayDavenport #1972, 1923
7170-6-0T4'-8½"USATC Ave G just off Sierra Highway, Lancaster, CAstoredH.K. Porter #7376, 1942 from Bluegrass Railroad Museum, Versailles, KY, last ran in 1997, to Palmdale, CA
1273S-120-6-04'-8½"SP Travel Town Museum, Los Angeles, CAdisplaySP (Sacramento), 1921
10-6-0T4'-8½"Conrock Travel Town Museum, Los Angeles, CAdisplayALCO (Cooke) #66168, 1925
4439S-50-6-04'-8½"UP Travel Town Museum, Los Angeles, CAdisplayBaldwin #48273, 1918
1258S-120-6-04'-8½"SP Southern Pacific Depot, Martinez, CAdisplaySP (Sacramento), 1921
1285S-140-6-04'-8½"SP El Estero Park, Monterey, CAdisplayLima #6753, 1924
1227S-110-6-04'-8½"SP Sierra Railroad yard, Oakdale, CAstored privateLima #1494, 1914from Golden Gate Railroad Museum
164S-340-6-04'-8½"WPHewitt Park, Oroville, CAdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #58786, 1919
20-6-0T4'-8½"Mojave No. Orange Empire Railway Museum, Perris, CAdisplayDavenport #1584, 1917
2 (2285)0-6-04'-8½"OHT (AT&SF) Los Angeles Co. Fairplex, Pomona, CAdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #2409, 1887
165S-340-6-04'-8½"WP Western Pacific Railroad Museum, Portola, CArestorationALCO (Schenectady) #58787, 1919from Pleasanton fairgrounds, then PLA, may be operable by 2016.
4466S-60-6-04'-8½"UP California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CAstored serviceableLima #6003, 1920Operated until 1999
10 (5001)0-6-0T4'-8½"Granite Rock (USATC)near CSRM's locomotive works building, Sacramento, CArestoration
50140-6-0ST4'-8½"USATCnear CSRM's locomotive works building, Sacramento, CArestoration#7488, 1942from KY
1237S-100-6-04'-8½"SP Amtrak (SP) Depot, Salinas, CAdisplayBaldwin #49245, 1918From Central Ave Park
1215S-100-6-04'-8½"SP History Park at Kelley Park, San Jose, CAdisplayBaldwin #39832, 1913 from Portola
1298S-100-6-04'-8½"SP Harvey West Park, Santa Cruz, CAdisplayBaldwin #46313, 1917
1269S-120-6-04'-8½"SP Niles Canyon Railway, Sunol, CAstoredSP (Sacramento), 1921
1293S-140-6-04'-8½"SP Powers Park, Tracy Blvd, Tracy, CAdisplayLima #6761, 1924
1233S-100-6-04'-8½"SP SP Depot, Woodland, CAdisplayBaldwin #49160, 1918Once used on the Yolo Shortline, awaiting restoration
370-6-0T4'-8½"Carbon LimestoneBirney Watts, Backshop Enterprises, Denver, COrestorationH.K. Porter #7455, 1943
4455S-60-6-04'-8½"UP Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden, COdisplayLima #5992, 1920
250 ton0-6-0T4'-8½"Simon Wrecking Valley Railroad, Essex, CTcosmetic restorationH.K. Porter, 1920 Former Steamtown USA locomotive, from Simon Wrecking Company, Newbury, then Peabody, MA
60B6sa0-6-04'-8½"PRR Wilmington & Western Railroad Hockessin siding, Hockessin, DEprivate, storedPRR (Juniata) #2746, 1913
580-6-04'-8½"AB&A Wilmington & Western Railroad, Marshallton, DEout of serviceBaldwin #31899, 10/19071472 day rebuild
30-6-0T4'-8½"W&W (US Navy) Royal Zephyr Restaurant, Ocean View, DEdisplayVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre), 07/1943 from the now defunct Queen Anne's Railroad, Nassau, to Owosso, MI
69 (12)0-6-0T4'-8½"Duquesne Slag Products Court De Houille Pavilion (71 E Dixie Hwy), Boca Raton, FLdisplayBaldwin #61559, 1930
120-6-0T4'-8½"BEDTFlorida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum, Parrish, FLdisplayH.K. Porter #6368, 1916
3749 (223)0-6-04'-8½"SLSF (SAL)Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum, Parrish, FLdisplayBaldwin #37235, 1913 more info From Orlando
143E-40-6-04'-8½"ACL Lakes Park, South Ft. Myers, FLdisplayBaldwin #26575, 1905
104E-520-6-04'-8½"Milstead RR (WofA) GA RR Depot, Conyers, GAdisplayRogers #6259, 1905 Named Dinky
97 (5050)0-6-0T4'-8½"Georgia Power Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAout of serviceH.K. Porter #7593, 07/1943 Named Plant McDonough
7464 (98)0-6-0PTAtlanta Steel & SupplyMike Buckner, Junction City, GAunknown privateH.K. Porter conversion to diesel completed
8 (154)0-6-0ST4'-8½"CofG Georgia State Railroad Museum, Savannah, GAdisplayNamed Maude
60-6-0ST4'-8½"Cherokee Brick & Tile Georgia Museum of Agriculture, Tifton, GAstoredGlover #13186, 06/1919
70-6-0ST4'-8½"Cherokee Brick & Tile Georgia Museum of Agriculture, Tifton, GAstoredGlover #13180, 01/1920
120-6-036"Oahu RY & Land Hawaiian Railway Society, Ewa, Oahu, HIdisplayALCO (Manchester) #51165, 1912
180-6-04'-8½"Chicago Gravel Veteran's Park, Bensenville, ILdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #63274, 04/1922
310-6-04'-8½"Michigan Limestone & Chemical B C Matthews Co., Crystal Lake, ILdisplayBaldwin #60468, 1928
1910-6-04'-8½"Republic SteelMonticello Railway Museum, Monticello, ILdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #55995, 1916
50-6-04'-8½"CE Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILdisplayBaldwin, 1922
70-6-0T4'-8½"PSC Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILdisplayBaldwin #59309, 1926
2070-6-04'-8½"L&NE Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILdisplayBaldwin #61922, 1936
130-6-0T-T39½"Louisville CementThresherman Park, Boonville, INdisplayH.K. Porter #7117, 09/1928
6894B-10w0-6-04'-8½"NYC Whitewater Valley Railroad, Connersville, INcosmetic restorationALCO (Pittsburgh) #51245, 1912 from Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum
60-6-04'-8½"EBT Whitewater Valley Railroad, Connersville, INdisplayBaldwin #30046, 1907
12 (1416)I-5A0-6-04'-8½"WSG (CMStP&P) Museum of Arts and Science, Evansville, INdisplayCMStP&P (Milwaukee), 1908
1 (534)B-70-6-04'-8½"Wabash FWRHS, Edgerton Rd, New Haven, INrestorationALCO (Rhode Island) #41174, 1906
50-6-0T24"Colonial Sugar / Lautoka MillIndianapolis Motor Speedway Foundation, Terre Haute, INunknownJohn Fowler #9465, 1903Sold to Tony Hulman in 1965. Allegedly cut up for scrap.
40-6-0T24"Colonial Sugar / Lautoka MillIndianapolis Motor Speedway Foundation, Terre Haute, INstoredJohn Fowler #9463, 1903Exact location unclear.
7745 (2)0-6-0T4'-8½"Medford Power Station Ohio Valley RR Historical Foundation Inc., LaGrange, KYstoredRobert Stephenson & Hawthorne #7745, 1952Named Flying Duchess. Operated on the Boyne Valley RR, MI in the 1970s.
50020-6-0T4'-8½"USATC Kentucky Railway Museum, New Haven, KYprivate, storedH.K. Porter #7462, 08/1942 from Tombstone Junction RR, sold to Colebrook Dale RR, PA
14 (77)0-6-04'-8½"Union (M&NF) Big South Fork Scenic Railway, Stearns, KYrestorationALCO (Schenectady) #71323, 1944from Tombstone Junction RR, later Kentucky & Tennessee Railway, Hemlock
0-6-04'-8½"Atchafalaya River, Berwick, LAsunk
124S-90-6-04'-8½"SP (T&NO) DeQuincy Railroad Museum, DeQuincy, LAdisplayBaldwin #39695, 1913 from Green Bros Sand & Gravel
5 (4002)0-6-04'-8½"Forest Products Division (USATC) Museum of World Mechanical History, Greensburg, LAdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #70428, 1942 from Baton Rouge
760-6-04'-8½"Trinity & Brazos Valley LASTA, Jefferson, LAstoredALCO (Richmond) #42929, 06/1907 From Bisso Towboat yard
3330-6-04'-8½"IC Tioga Heritage Park and Museum, Tioga, LAdisplayALCO (Cooke) #58999, 1918 From Baton Rouge
4100-6-04'-8½"B&M Lowell Historic Park, Lowell, MAdisplayALCO (Manchester) #4972, 1911
1020-6-04'-8½"Southern Sand & Gravel Steaming Tender Restaurant, Palmer, MAdisplayH.K. Porter #5661, 1915 from Rietta Ranch Flea Market, Hubbardston, MA
210-6-024"Fiji Islands Sugar Edaville USA, South Carver, MAoperationalHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1664, 1935 Named Anne Elizabeth
2 (618)0-6-04'-8½"USATC Bill Miller Equipment Sales, Eckhart Mines, MDprivate restorationALCO (Schenectady) #70420, 1942 From Cooperstown, NY
80-6-04'-8½"Detroit & Mackinac (Michigan Alkali) Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MIstoredBaldwin #41228, 03/1914 Used for D&M executive trains in the 70s
2030-6-04'-8½"Detroit Edisonpark, Marysville, MIdisplayBaldwin #56524, 1924placed in park 1958
7456O-18a0-6-04'-8½"GTW (CNR)Montcalm Community College, Sidney, MIrestorationGTR #1500/8, 1920cosmetic restoration only
927 (10)L-40-6-04'-8½"NP (StP&D) Ironhorse Central Railroad Museum, Chisago City, MNdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #14796, 1896From Lum Park, Brainerd, MN
1068L-90-6-04'-8½"NP Dilworth City Park, Dilworth, MNdisplayALCO (Manchester) #41877, 1907
353B-40-6-04'-8½"MSP&SSM WMSTR, Rollag, MNoperationalALCO (Brooks) #61760, 1920
9 (346)B-40-6-04'-8½"MSP&SSM Wheels Across the Prairie Museum, Tracy, MNdisplay
95 (3695)0-6-04'-8½"Scullin Steel (SLSF) Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOstoredBaldwin #28567, 07/1906
1460-6-04'-8½"TRRA Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOstoredTRRA #318, 1926Young valve gear. Frame and running gear only
7240-6-04'-8½"GRR Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOdisplayBaldwin (Burnham) #15038, 1896
270 ton0-6-0F4'-8½"Union Electric Co Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOstoredHeisler #56, 1940
2680-6-04'-8½"IC Daphne Park, Laurel, MSdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #54754, 1914
841 (156)0-6-04'-8½"SP (T&NO) depot, Terry, MSdisplayLima #6772, 3/1924 from Green Bros Sand & Gravel, later Casey Jones Museum, Vaughan, MS
1031L-70-6-04'-8½"NPYellowstone Museum, Logan Airport, Billings, MTdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #27362, 1903
30-6-0ST4'-8½"Great Wester Sugar (Keystone Steel & Wire)World Museum of Mining, Butte, MTdisplayH.K. Porter #7059, 1928
7 (5012)0-6-0T4'-8½"Bonsal Sand (US Army) North Carolina Transportation Museum, Spencer, NCstoredH.K. Porter #7486, 1942
7531 (4)0-6-04'-8½"NE Gas & Coke Gorham Depot, Gorham, NHdisplayBaldwin #35821, 1911 Former Steamtown (Bellows Falls) locomotive
47 (7470)O-18a0-6-04'-8½"CSRR (CNR) Conway Scenic Railroad, North Conway, NHout of serviceGTR, 19211,472 day rebuild
9 (616)0-6-04'-8½"USATCSMS Rail Lines, Bridgeport, NJrestorationALCO (Schenectady) #70402, 1942 From New Hope & Ivyland Railroad
40390-6-04'-8½"MCC (USATC)Whippany Railway Museum, Whippany, NJrestorationALCO (Schenectady) #70421, 1942to be returned to service
90050-6-04'-8½"AT&SF Clovis Depot, Clovis, NMcosmetic restorationBaldwin #27688, 03/1906From Hillcrest Park. Was used in the Lone Ranger
1221S-100-6-04'-8½"SP Chamber of Commerce, Deming, NMdisplayBaldwin #39838, 1913
1297S-80-6-04'-8½"SP Bolack Electromechanical Museum, Farmington, NMdisplayALCO (Brooks) #45079, 1908 from Ogden, UT
444244210-6-04'-8½"UP Clark County Museum, Henderson, NVdisplayBaldwin #48276, 1918
30 (1251)S-120-6-04'-8½"SP V&T Railroad, Virginia City, NVstoredawaiting restoration
140-6-0ST4'-8½"BEDT Ulster & Delaware RR Historical Society, Arkville, NYcosmetic restorationH.K. Porter #6260, 08/1920
4440-6-04'-8½"B&M Alco-Brooks Railroad Display, Dunkirk, NYdisplayALCO (Brooks) #56532, 1916
16140-6-0T4'-8½"BEDT (ALH&P) Railroad Museum of Long Island, Riverhead, NYdisplayH.K. Porter #6780, 1/1923
6721B-11k0-6-04'-8½"NYC Union Station, Utica, NYdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #54075, 12/1913 from Carillon Park, Dayton, OH
1548G-30-6-04'-8½"CB&Q Quaker Square, Akron, OHdisplayBaldwin #38838, 1912
70-6-0F4'-8½"Clev Elec Mad River & NYC&StL Railroad, Bellevue, OHdisplayH.K. Porter #7350, 1943
301 (5)0-6-04'-8½"Youngstown Sheet & Tube MVRRHA, fairgrounds, Canfield, OHdisplayBaldwin #42699, 1915
1060-6-0T4'-8½"Sturm & Dillard county fairgrounds, Circleville, OHdisplayALCO (Cooke) #61619, 1920
630-6-04'-8½"Gulf States Paper (Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks) Kokosing Gap Trail, Gambier, OHdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #69422, 1940 owned by Bluegrass Railroad Museum, from West Versailles, KY
2020-6-04'-8½"Detroit Edison TLE&W RY, Grand Rapids, OHdisplayBaldwin #52792, 1920 restorable to operating condition
3 (13)0-6-04'-8½"Ohio Power (Beech Bottom Power) Hocking Valley Scenic Railway, Nelsonville, OHrestorationBaldwin #53038, 1920 Returning to service in 2015.
1050-6-04'-8½"Sturm & Dillard Dabo Co., Orrville, OHoperational
1190 (152)0-6-04'-8½"B&O (BR&P) Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek, OHdisplayALCO (Brooks) #28753, 1904 From Mad River & NYC&StL Railroad, Bellevue, OH then Dunkirk, NY
39600-6-04'-8½"W&LE Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek, OHawaiting restorationW&LE (Brewster Shops) #33, 1935From STEAM Railroad Museum, Minerva, OH
12 (1643)A0-6-04'-8½"M&NF (SR) Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek, OHrestorationALCO (Pittsburgh) #37672, 09/1905 Named Ole Four Spot, From Clearfield, KY
130-6-0T4'-8½"BEDT Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek, OHstoredH.K. Porter #6369, 1919From Strasburg, PA
384 (3984)0-6-04'-8½"NYC&StL (W&LE) Lorain & West Virginia Railway, Wellington, OHstoredALCO (Schenectady) #71970, 6/1944
5 (5006)0-6-0ST4'-8½"OG&E (US Army) Oklahoma Railway Museum, Oklahoma City, OKdisplayH.K. Porter #7466, 1943
40-6-030"McBryde Sugar Modoc Northern Siding, Merrill, ORstoredBaldwin #17679, 1900 from Gene Autry, Melody Ranch, Newhall, CA, Fred Kepner collection
1229S-110-6-04'-8½"SP Stewart Park, Roseburg, ORdisplayLima #1496, 1914photo & info
10-6-0T4'-8½"National Pike, Steam, Gas, & Horse Assoc., Brownsville, PAdisplayH.K. Porter #5601, 1914
380-6-04'-8½"Dominion ConstrRailroad Park, Catawissa, PArestorationDavenport #2187, 1931
643 (5)B4a0-6-04'-8½"PRR Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association, Dillsburg, PAoperationalPRR (Altoona) #2184, 1901
7767 (2)0-6-0F4'-8½"PA Power & LightBlue Mountain & Reading, Hamburg, PAdisplayH.K. Porter #8190, 1949
650-6-0ST4'-8½"WK&S (SHW&P) WK&S Railroad, Kempton, PAout of serviceH.K. Porter #7161, 1930
10-6-0F4'-8½"PA Power & Light siding along US 15, Lewisburg, PAscrappedH.K. Porter #8189, 1949 From Shamokin Dam then Mifflinburg. Scrapped 11/2014.
113B-7s0-6-04'-8½"CNJ R & R Railway, Minersville, PAoperationalALCO (Schenectady) #64384, 1923
30-6-04'-8½"EBTinterchange yard engine house, Mount Union, PAstoredBaldwin #56325, 1923
665 ton0-6-0F4'-8½"Cleveland Electric Lake Shore Railway Museum, North East, PAoperationalHeisler #39, 1937
8250 ton0-6-0T42"Lehigh Navigation Coal Co. Malcolm Ottinger Machine Co., Phoenixville, PAstoredVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #4767, 07/1946
8350 ton0-6-0T42"Lehigh Navigation Coal Co. Malcolm Ottinger Machine Co., Phoenixville, PAstoredVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #4768, 08/1946
30-6-0T4'-8½"EJ Lavino & Co Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PAdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #67536, 1927
68160-6-0F4'-8½"PSE&G Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PAdisplayH.K. Porter #6816, 1923
26 (3)0-6-04'-8½"Baldwin (JI&S) Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PAoperationalBaldwin #60733, 1929
80-6-04'-8½"Duquesne Slag Products Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PAdisplayBaldwin #56402, 04/1923Cut away display
1251B4-a0-6-0T4'-8½"Reading Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg, PAdisplayReading #2306, 1918
1670B6sb0-6-04'-8½"PRR Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg, PAdisplayPRR (Juniata) #3042, 1916
31 (7312)O-9-a0-6-04'-8½"CNR Strasburg Railroad, Strasburg, PArestorationBaldwin (Burnham) #32894, 1908
150-6-0T4'-8½"BEDT Strasburg Railroad, Strasburg, PAoperationalH.K. Porter #5966, 1917 painted as Thomas the Tank Engine
610-6-0T30"Hudson CoalAnthracite Museum, Taylor, PAdisplayVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #2967, 09/1919
1260-6-0ST4'-8½"Lehigh Valley Coal SC Railroad Museum, Rion, SCoperationalVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #4139, 05/1931From Gramling Locomotive Works, Ashley, IN
290-6-04'-8½"D&NE Prairie Village, Madison, SDoperationalLima #8381, 1944
10-6-0F4'-8½"North American Rayon Carter County Chamber of Commerce, Elizabethton, TNdisplayH.K. Porter #7229, 1936
70-6-04'-8½"Dallas Union Terminal Museum of the American Railroad, Frisco, TXdisplayBaldwin #57208, 1923
70-6-0T4'-8½"Florida Portland Cementmuseum (I&GN depot), New Braunfels, TXdisplayH.K. Porter #7367, 1942
3000-6-04'-8½"US Steel Heber Valley Railroad, Heber City, UTdisplayBaldwin #58379, 1925from Provo, UT
4457 (4436)44210-6-04'-8½"UP Utah State Railroad Museum, Ogden, UTdisplayBaldwin #48200, 1918
19230-6-0TngUSATCUS Army Trans Museum, Ft. Eustis, VAdisplayVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #4770, 1946
1 (5019)0-6-0T4'-8½"Albermarle Paper Co (USATC) Old Dominion Chapter NRHS, Richmond, VAoperationalH.K. Porter #7499, 12/1942
340-6-0T4'-8½"EJ Lavino & Co Virginia Museum of Transportation, Roanoke, VAdisplayBaldwin #57092, 1923
20-6-0T4'-8½"Matheson Olin-Matheson, Saltville, VArestorationRhode Island Locomotive Works #3030, 1894
40-6-036"Walla Walla & Columbia River Railroad Washington State Railroads Historical Society Museum, Pasco, WAdisplayPorter Bell Co (Pittsburgh) #283, 01/1878 Named Blue Mt., oldest locomotive in Washington
924L-50-6-04'-8½"NP (StP&D) Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie, WArestorationRogers #5425, 1899
1070L-90-6-04'-8½"NPLake Whatcom Railway, Wickersham, WAstored serviceableALCO (Manchester) #41879, 1907
321 (X90)B0-6-04'-8½"MLS&W (Soo) Pinecrest Hist Village, Manitowoc, WIdisplayRhode Island Locomotive Works #1877, 10/1887
44200-6-04'-8½"UP North Evanston Elementary School, Evanston, WYdisplayLima #1414, 1914
10-6-0ST4'-8½"Peninsular RWSan Quintin Bay, San Quintin, BCNsunkManning Wardle (Leeds) #1213, 1891
20-6-0T36"Compagnie du Boleo Hotel Frances, Santa Rosalia, BCSstoredBaldwin, 1886Named Morueco
50-6-0T36"Compagnie du Boleo Hotel Frances, Santa Rosalia, BCSstoredBaldwin #8541, 05/1887Named Cabria
40-6-0T36"Compagnie du Boleo Hotel Frances, Santa Rosalia, BCSstoredBaldwin #8364, 02/1887Named Pinna
70-6-0T36"Compagnie du Boleo town center, Santa Rosalia, BCSdisplayBaldwin #16484, 01/1899
625 (1058)B-120-6-04'-8½"NdeM (FMC) NdeM depot, Chihuahua, CHHdisplay
507 (8)B-60-6-0ST4'-8½"NdeM (NdeT) Museo de los Ferrocarrileros, Mexico City, DFdisplayKitson (Leeds) #3615, 1895 From England then San Juan Aragon Park
CT0-6-0600mmFerrocarril Cazadero, Solis, La Torre y Tepetongo Estadio 10 de Diciembre, Cruz Azul, HGOdisplayOrenstein & Koppel (Berlin) #12854, 1936 From Germany
504B-30-6-0T4'-8½"NdeT Yurecuaro Depot, Yurecuaro, MICdisplayKitson (Leeds), 1904 From England
2 (5003)0-6-0T-T4'-8½"Ferrocarril Occidental de Mexico (USATC) National Museum of Mexican Railroads, Puebla, PUEdisplayH.K. Porter #7463, 09/1942 from Empalme Shops. Operated into the 80s at Culiacan, SINALOA
2 (5000)0-6-04'-8½"Ferrocarril Occidental de Mexico (USATC) Sud Pacifico de Mexico Depot, Culiacan, SINdisplay
30-6-0T4'-8½"Compania Fresnillo Compania Minera, Fresnillo, ZACdisplayH.K. Porter #7215, 4/1935
20-6-0T4'-8½"Compania Mexicana Compania Minera, Fresnillo, ZACdisplayH.K. Porter #6791, 2/1923
2024 (4076)0-6-04'-8½"CPR (PCT) Heritage Park Historical Village, Calgary, ABoperationalLima #8410, 1944 Featured in Summer of the Monkeys 1998
2023 (4012)0-6-04'-8½"PCT (US Army) Heritage Park Historical Village, Calgary, ABoperationalALCO (Schenectady) #70388, 1942
2018 (6144)U3c0-6-04'-8½"CPR (Canmore Coal Mines) Heritage Park Historical Village, Calgary, ABoperationalCPR (Angus) #1392, 1905 Converted to diesel.
0-6-0TngWellington Co Piper Park, Nanaimo, BCdisplayBaldwin #9869, 1889
20-6-0T4'-8½"Comm Portland Cementunknown, NBunknown
70-6-0T42"Botwood RYMary March Museum, Grand Falls, NFdisplayHawthorn Leslie #1884, 1881
0-6-04'-8½"General Mining Assoc Museum of Industry, Stellarton, NSstoredRayne & Burn #albion, 1850 Named Albion, from England
0-6-04'-8½"General Mining Assoc Museum of Industry, Stellarton, NSdisplayHackworth, 1838 Named Samson
72600-6-04'-8½"Tibbetts (CNR) Museum of Industry, Stellarton, NSdisplayCLC, 1906
6275U3e0-6-04'-8½"CPRHuron Co. Pioneer Mus, Goderich, ONdisplayCPR (Angus) #1906, 1913
0-6-0TngRugby PortlandLangstaff, ONdisplayNamed Liass
400-6-04'-8½"Stelco (Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo) Lindsay Street South, Lindsay, ONdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works #51510, 1912formerly at Canada Science and Technology Museum
62 1180-6-0ST4'-8½"Jugaslav State RailwayMarineland, Niagara Falls, ONdisplayDuro Dakovic #625, 1955From Croatia
62 1290-6-0ST4'-8½"Jugaslav State RailwayMarineland, Niagara Falls, ONdisplayDuro Dakovic #639, 1958From Croatia
2470-6-0ST4'-8½"CNR Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, ONstoredGTR Point St. Charles #1270, 1894
9S1620-6-04'-8½"Essex Terminal RYSouthern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society, Waterloo Central Railway, Waterloo, ONoperationalMontreal Locomotive Works #64276, 1923 from St. Thomas
6271U3e0-6-04'-8½"CPR Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, QCdisplayCPR (Angus) #1902, 1912
030C8410-6-04'-8½"SNCF Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, QCdisplaySociete Alsacienne (Mulhouse) #3376, 1883From France
40-6-04'-8½"NHB Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, QCdisplay
DS680A10-6-0T4'-8½"LBSC Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, QCdisplayBrighton #654, 1875Named Waddon, from England
6166U3c0-6-04'-8½"CPRWestern Dev Mus, Saskatoon, SKrestorationCP, 1905
0-6-0ST36"WP&Y near railway, Carcross, YTdisplayBaldwin #4424 Named Duchess
0-6-036"Cliff Creek MineVenus Place, Whitehorse, YTdisplayH.K. Porter
0-6-0ST36"Cliff Creek Mine Yukon Transportation Museum, Whitehorse, YTdisplayH.K. Porter
0-6-0ST36"Cliff Creek Mine Yukon Transportation Museum, Whitehorse, YTdisplayH.K. Porter