Steam Locomotives of the Northern Territory, AU

In 1889 a 3'-6" railway was constructed between the towns of Pine Creek and Palmerston (Darwin). It was later extended southward to Katherine. In 2004 a standard gauge railway was completed linking Adelaide, SA to Darwin, NT. Portions of the original 3'-6" railway line are still visible. In one case, the new standard gauge line uses the same bridge piers that were used for the 3'-6" line.

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Pine Creek

PineCreek-3 PineCreek-2 PineCreek-1 The Pine Creek Railway Station and a small yard of tracks still remain in Pine Creek. An operational 2-6-0 steam locomotive is sheltered at this station in a protective enclosure. The locomotive is lettered "North Australian Historical Railway". It is locomotive number 5 (Y-53), a class NF(Y) locomotive. The number plate on the locomotive has the letters "C R N F 5" on it. They stand for Commonwealth Railways NF Class. It is a Beyer, Peacock & Co. locomotive built in 1877 at the Gorton Foundry in Manchester. It was rebuilt in 1902 at the Islington Works.

I have been told that it is desired to use this locomotive on the line that remains in Pine Creek on a tourist railway.

There are two other locomotives of this class (that I know of). One of them, C R N F 2, is displayed at the Fanny Bay Jail Museum in Darwin. The other, C R N F 6, is sunk in the Darwin harbour after the Japanese bombed it during WWII on February 19th, 1942.