Locomotive in Barn, Circleville

August 2009

I noticed that in your list of Ohio steam locomotives you mention that there is a rumor that there is a steam locomotive in a barn near Circleville, Ohio.

I know that there is a steam locomotive in a barn between Canal Winchester and Groveport, Ohio. This locomotive is part of a large collection owned by a gentleman named Pete Stebelton. I am not conversant with all of the language related to steam locomotives and their types. As I recall, this locomotive was made by Porter.

Because this locomotive is within 25 miles of Circleville, I suspect that it may be the one alluded to in your list.

Please consider this information as little more confirmation of the rumor. I know one person who I believe can provide more reliable information and more complete details.

I saw this locomotive a few years ago. I just don't know a whole lot about what I saw.

Bruce Babcock