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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
5920D592-8-24'-8½"NSWG Dorrigo Steam Railway & Museum, Dorrigo, NSWstoredBaldwin-Lima-Hamilton #75583, 1952
5917D592-8-24'-8½"NSWG3801 Limited, Eveleigh, NSWoperationalBaldwin-Lima-Hamilton #75580, 1952 On loan from Lachlan Valley Railway, Cowra
5908D592-8-24'-8½"NSWGGoulburn Rail Heritage Centre, Goulburn, NSWstoredBaldwin-Lima-Hamilton #75571, 1952 From NSWRTM, Thirlmere
5916D592-8-24'-8½"NSWGGoulburn Rail Heritage Centre, Goulburn, NSWstoredBaldwin-Lima-Hamilton #75579, 1952 From NSWRTM, Thirlmere
218AAC162-8-23'-6"QRZig Zag Railway, Lithgow, NSWoperationalBaldwin #69453, 1943 Named MacArthur
5910D592-8-24'-8½"NSWG NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSWdisplayBaldwin-Lima-Hamilton #75573, 1952
10-4-2T2'Fairymead MillLake Macquarie Light Railway, Toronto, NSWoperationalBaldwin #10533, 1889 From Thirlmere
103A0-4-0Tram4'-8½"Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum, Valley Heights, NSWrestorationBaldwin #11676, 1891 from Parramatta Park
0-4-0ST3'-6"North Australia Railway Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts Club, Fannie Bay, NTdisplayBaldwin #7860, 1886 Named Sandfly, from Keswick Terminal, Keswick, SA then Berrimah Passenger Terminal, NT
4 (633)10-12-D4-6-02'Racecourse Mill (British War Office) Dreamworld, Coomera, QLDoperationalBaldwin #45215, 02/1917 Rebuilt into a tender locomotive by Reg Coulter in the late 1970's, replaced by a diesel locomotive in 2013, returned to Saturday service 2016.
221AAC162-8-23'-6"QR Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich, QLDoperationalBaldwin #69456, 1943 Named MacArthur
2 (5104)0-6-2T2'Dinorwic Slate (USArmy) Australian Sugar Cane Railway, North Bundaberg, QLDoperationalBaldwin #46828, 1917 Named Felin-Hen, sold to Tacot des Lacs, France
44-6-03'-6" National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide, SAdisplayBaldwin #41242, 1914
D3-635D34-6-05'-3"VR ARHS Railway Museum, North Williamstown, VICdisplayBaldwin #36888, 1912
0-4-0ST3'-6"MK&JC Rail Heritage WA, Bassendean, WAUdisplayBaldwin #7111, 1884 Named Kia-Ora

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