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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
1076 (1804)Z18(X-10)0-6-0T4'-8½"NSWGGoulburn Rail Heritage Centre, Goulburn, NSWstoredVulcan Foundry #995, 1884 Built as crane locomotive (0-6-0CT), from NSWRTM, Thirlmere
J-507J2-8-05'-3"VR Foreshore Park, Mulwala, NSWdisplayVulcan Foundry #6053, 1953 Near Yarrawonga, VIC
1803 (1075)X-100-6-0T4'-8½"NSWG NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSWdisplayVulcan Foundry #994, 1884 Painted as Thomas
1709Z174-4-04'-8½"NSWG NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSWoperationalVulcan Foundry #1172, 1887
530 (128)P1270-6-0ST4'-8½"NSWG Yass Railway Museum, Yass, NSWdisplayVulcan Foundry #834, 1879
202A102-4-03'-6"Pioneer Mill (QR) Croydon Shire Council, Croydon, QLDrestorationVulcan Foundry #802, 1877 From the Pioneer Mill
1037BB18 4-6-23'-6"QRMackay Heritage Railway, Mackay, QLDrestorationVulcan Foundry #5963, 1951
204A102-4-03'-6"Normanton - Croydon (QR) unknown, Normanton, QLDderelictVulcan Foundry #803, 1877 Stored, frames only
H-7H4-8-23'-6"TGR Don River Railway, Devonport, TASdisplayVulcan Foundry #5955, 1951
H-1H4-8-23'-6"TGR Tasmanian Transport Museum, Glenorchy, TASdisplayVulcan Foundry #5949, 1951
H-8H4-8-23'-6"TGR Queen Victoria Museum, Launceston, TASdisplayVulcan Foundry #5956, 1951 Wheels and frames only, from Devonport
H-2H4-8-23'-6"TGR Derwent Valley Railway, New Norfolk, TASrestorationVulcan Foundry #5950, 1951
H-5H4-8-23'-6"TGRDerwent Valley Railway, New Norfork, TASstoredVulcan Foundry #5953, 1951 From Hillwood Strawberry Farm
H6H4-8-23'-6"TGR Lions Park, Perth, TASdisplayVulcan Foundry #5954, 1951 sans tender
J-539J2-8-05'-3"VR Apex Park, Dimboola, VICdisplayVulcan Foundry #6085, 1953
J-524J2-8-05'-3"VR Train Park, Donald, VICdisplayVulcan Foundry #6070, 1953
J-516J2-8-05'-3"VR Yarra Valley Railway, Healesville, VICrestorationVulcan Foundry #6062, 1953
J-549J2-8-05'-3"C&MR (VR) Victorian Goldfields Railway, Maldon, VICoperationalVulcan Foundry #6095, 1954
J-515J2-8-05'-3"VR Victorian Goldfields Railway, Maldon, VICoperationalVulcan Foundry #6061, 1953 From Seymour, Named Harold P Wood
J-536J2-8-05'-3"VRR707 Operations, Newport, VICrestorationVulcan Foundry #6082, 1953 from Colac, later Ballarat
J-541J2-8-05'-3"VR Steamrail Victoria, Newport, VICdismantledVulcan Foundry #6087, 1954
J-550J2-8-05'-3"VR Noojee Heritage Centre, Noojee, VICdisplayVulcan Foundry #6146, 1954 From Warragul
J-559 (J-556)J2-8-05'-3"VR ARHS Railway Museum, North Williamstown, VICdisplayVulcan Foundry #6152, 1954 J-556 displayed as J-559
J-512J2-8-05'-3"VR Seymour Railway Heritage Centre, Seymour, VICrestorationVulcan Foundry #6058, 1953 being converted to standard gauge
Es-308Es4-6-23'-6"WAGR Rail Heritage WA, Bassendean, WAUunknownVulcan Foundry #4967, 1907

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