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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
0-4-0WT42"NZ Cement Co. (NULL) Museum of Transport & Technology, Western Springs, AUKoperationalOrenstein & Koppel #1411, 1904 Located in MOTAT 2. Named Bertha
70-4-0Tram4'-8½"Canterbury Tramway Co. (NULL) Ferrymead Heritage Park, Ferrymead, CANoperationalKitson & Co. #28, 1881Run by the Tramway Historical Society. Informerly named Kitty.
5480-4-0T42"Public Works Dept. (NULL) Steam Scene, McLeans Island, CANoperationalJohn Fowler & Co. #16246, 1924Run by the Canterbury Steam Preservation Society.
Price2Tr42"Ogilvie & Co. (NULL) Steam Scene, McLeans Island, CANoperationalA&G Price #148, 1943Run by the Canterbury Steam Preservation Society. Named Gladstone
699Ab4-6-242"NZGR (NULL) Pleasant Point Railway & Historical Society, Pleasant Point, CANoperationalA&G Price #94, 1922
64A0-4-0T42"NZGR (NULL) Plains Vintage Railway & Historical Museum, Tinwald, CANoperationalDübs & Co. (Scotland) #651, 1873
1260Ja4-8-242" (NULL) Plains Vintage Railway & Historical Museum, Tinwald, CANoperationalHillside #383, 1952
428A4-6-242"NZGR (NULL) Weka Pass Railway, Waipara, CANoperationalA&G Price #31, 1909
Wa.165Wa2-6-2T42"NZGR (NULL) Gisborne City Vintage Railway, Gisborne, GISoperationalNZGR Hillside Workshops #19, 1897
60-4-0T42"Napier Harbour Board (NULL) Tokomaru Steam, Tokomaru, MWToperationalJohn Fowler & Co. #16343, 1925
17304-4-0T42"Wilson's Portland Cement Co. (NULL) Bay of Islands Vintage Railway, Kawakawa, NTLoperationalPeckett & Sons #1730, 1927Named Gabriel. Construction started in 1915 but not completed until 1927.
40-4-2T42"Wilson's Portland Cement Co. (NULL) Whangarei Steam & Model Railway Club, Whangarei, NTLoperationalPeckett & Sons #2157, 1955Named Seymour
B100-4-0ST42"Milburn Lime & Cement (NULL) Oamaru Steam & Rail, Oamaru, OTAoperationalHudswell Calrke & Co. #1542, 1924
67A0-4-0T42" (NULL) Ocean Beach Railway, St. Kilda, OTAoperationalDübs & Co. (Scotland) #647, 1873
Haig0-6-0T42"Kempthorne & Prosser (NULL) Ocean Beach Railway, St. Kilda, OTAoperationalKerr Stuart & Co. #4185, 1929
608Ab4-6-242"NZGR (NULL) Steam Incorporated, Paekakariki, WGNoperationalNZGR Addington Workshops #163, 1915
663Ab4-6-242"NZGR (NULL) Mainline Steam, Plimmerton, WGNoperationalNZGR Addington Workshops #188, 1917Named Sharon Lee
219L2-4-0T (NULL) Silver Stream Railway, Silverstream, WGNoperationalAvonside Engine Co. #1207, 1877
0-6-0T42"State Mines Rotowaro (NULL) Pukemiro Line, Glen Afton, WKOoperationalPeckett & Sons #1630, 1923Run by the Bush Tramway Club.
CbPrice2Tr42"Auckland City Council (NULL) Pukemiro Line, Glen Afton, WKOoperationalA&G Price #117, 1927Run by the Bush Tramway Club.

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