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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
170-6-2T36"Gwelo & District Light (Rhodesia Chrome Mines) Norgrove Gardens, Arroyo Grande, CAstoredJohn Fowler
1 (1791)0-6-2T30"Westfield Plantationprivate, Los Angeles, CAstoredH.K. Porter, 1897 Named Bertha, from Ponchatoula, LA then Lampasas, TX moved to southern CA in 2011, to be restored with a new boiler. May be located at the Santa Rosa Valley Railroad, Camarillo, CA
30-6-2T30"Hawaiian Sugar Grove Farm Homestead Museum, Puhi, Kauai, HIstored operationalBaldwin, 1925Named Kaipu, originally named Kokee
0-6-2T30"McBryde Sugar (Kauai Railway) Grove Farm Homestead Museum, Puhi, Kauai, HIstoredBaldwin, 1921Named Wahiawa
628 ton0-6-2T30"Lihue Plantation (McBryde Sugar) Grove Farm Homestead Museum, Puhi, Kauai, HIstored operationalBaldwin #42401, 1915 Named Wainiha
10-6-2T36"M.A. Patout & Son M. A. Patout & Son, Patoutville, LAstoredALCO (Dickson) #1005, 1898 Named Stephanie, rebuilt

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