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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
5Shay3Tr4'-8½"Saginaw-Manistee Lumber (Anaconda Copper) Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, Williams, AZdisplayLima #3203, 1923 from Mehmke Steam Museum, Fife, MT
35C-70Shay3Tr4'-8½"Brimstone RR Silverbend Farms, Clarksburg, CAprivate dismantledLima #2366, 1910 Sold to Eskbank Rail Heritage Centre, Lithgow, NSW, AUS
6Shay3Tr4'-8½"PLC (HH) El Portal Transportation Museum, El Portal, CAdisplayLima #3170, 1921
7 (4)60-3Shay3Tr36"WSL (B&PRY) Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad, Felton, CAoperationalLima #2465, 1911 Named Sonora
1070-3 PCShay3Tr36"WSL Yosemite Mt. Sugar Pine RR, Fish Camp, CAoperationalLima #3315, 1928
15 (9)50-2Shay3Tr36"WSL Yosemite Mt. Sugar Pine RR, Fish Camp, CAoperationalLima #2645, 1913
7Shay3Tr4'-8½"PLC Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, Jamestown, CAdisplayLima #3286
290-3Shay3Tr4'-8½"Sierra (Feather River) Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, Jamestown, CAout of serviceLima #3177, 1922
2 (4)70-3Shay3Tr4'-8½"CP&LT Travel Town Museum, Los Angeles, CAdisplayLima #3172, 1922
1Shay3Tr4'-8½"Hutchinson Lumber (Feather River) Hewitt Park, Oroville, CAdisplayLima #3169, 1931 located way in the back, atop of some stairs, behind some bushes
3390-3Shay3Tr4'-8½"Hammond Lumber Timber Heritage Association, Samoa, CAstoredLima #3180, 1922from Arcata, then Timber Heritage Association, Glendale
1275 tonShay3Tr4'-8½"PLC (Sierra) Niles Canyon Railway, Sunol, CAstored operationalLima #789, 1903 From Peralta & Shinn, Fremont
4Shay3Tr4'-8½"Yosemite Lumber Sierra Nevada Logging Museum, White Pines, CArestorationLima #3092, 1920 from Nevada State Railroad Museum, Boulder City
7 (2)Shay3Tr4'-8½"KL&LC (St. Regis Paper) Roots of Motive Power, Willits, CArestorationLima #3346, 11/1929 From Tacoma, WA
8Shay3Tr36"Royal Gorge Route (WSL) Royal Gorge Depot, Canon City, COdisplayLima #3176, 1922 From Georgetown, CO, for sale
14Shay3Tr36"GL (WSL) Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden, COout of serviceLima #2835, 1916from Georgetown Loop RR
12Shay3Tr36"GL (WSL) Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden, COoperationalLima #3302, 1926from Georgetown Loop RR; Appeared in Great American Train Rides I
9Shay3Tr36"WSL Midwest Central Railroad, Mt Pleasant, IAoperationalLima #3199, 1923 Returned in 2019 from Georgetown Loop Railroad
570t CShay3Tr4'-8½"J Neils Lumber Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILoperationalLima #3336, 1929 being reflued to be completed by the end of 2016
7Shay3Tr36"Oregon Lumber (New Mexico Lumber) Hesston Steam Museum, Hesston, INoperationalLima #3345, 11/1929
112C-70Shay3Tr4'-8½"Meridian Lumber Southern Forest Heritage Museum, Long Leaf, LAabandonedLima #3273, 1924 located in woods just north of museum
180 tonShay3Tr4'-8½"GC&E B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, MDdisplayLima #1519, 1905
11Shay3Tr4'-8½"Crosby Lumber & Mfg Duncan Park, Natchez, MSdisplayLima #3197, 1922
1925Shay3Tr4'-8½"GCR North Carolina Transportation Museum, Spencer, NCstored serviceableLima #3256, 1925
1965 tonShay3Tr4'-8½"GA Pacific Veterans Park, Harrod, OHdisplayLima #1568, 1905
8Shay3Tr4'-8½"PLC Modoc Northern Siding, Merrill, ORstored#3254From Cottage Grove, Fred Kepner collection
180 tonShay3Tr4'-8½"Mt Emily Lumberrailway yard, Prineville, ORoperationalLima #3233, 1923
3 (2)Shay3Tr4'-8½"Ely Thomas Lumber (Eakin Lumber) Pennsylvania Lumber Museum, Galeton, PAdisplayLima #2598, 1912
1 (2)CShay3Tr4'-8½"Leetonia RR (Ely Thomas Lumber) Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg, PAdisplayLima #1799, 1906Never operated on the Leetonia
2147C-70Shay3Tr4'-8½"Little River Little River Railroad Museum, Townsend, TNdisplayLima #2147, 1909
10Shay3Tr4'-8½"Rayonier (Hofius Steel) Tillicum Park, Forks, WAdisplayLima #3348, 1930
11Shay3Tr4'-8½"PLC Mineral Shops, Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad, Mineral, WArestorationLima #3327, 1929
7Shay3Tr4'-8½"Simpson Timber city center, Shelton, WAdisplayLima #3248, 1924
165 tonShay3Tr4'-8½"Eastern Railway Lumber (Newhouse Mines) Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie, WAdisplayLima #911, 1904
11 (3)116 tonShay3Tr4'-8½"CRR (Feather River) Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Cass, WVoperationalLima #3221, 1923
2 (4)98 tonShay3Tr4'-8½"Mayo Lumber Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Cass, WVoperationalLima #3320, 1928
1926 (10)70-3Shay3Tr4'-8½"Graham County (Tallahassee Power) Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Cass, WVparts sourceLima #3299, 05/1926From New Centerville, PA
36 (5)C-70Shay3Tr4'-8½"Brimstone RR (W.M. Carney Mill) Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Cass, WVstoredLima #2804, 01/1916From Tennessee Valley Railroad
6162 tonShay3Tr4'-8½"WM Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Cass, WVoperationalLima #3354, 05/1945Largest surviving Shay
4 (5)80 tonShay3Tr4'-8½"Mower Lumber (Birch Valley Lumber) Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Cass, WVoperationalLima #3189, 12/1922
380-3Shay3Tr4'-8½"Agnew Lumber Co Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Cass, WVdisplayLima #3142, 12/1920from Snoqualmie, WA
7Shay3Tr4'-8½"Meadow River Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Cass, WVdisassembledLima #3131, 1920
590 tonShay3Tr4'-8½"Mower Lumber (West Virginia Spruce Lumber) Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Cass, WVoperationalLima #1503, 11/1905State steam locomotive of WV, oldest operating Shay.

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