0-4-2 Locomotives in Australia

Railroads that used 0-4-2 Locomotives in Australia (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 0-4-2 Locomotives in Australia

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
0-4-2T2'Qunaba Mill Illawarra Light Railway Museum, Albion Park, NSWscrappedJohn Fowler #20284, 1934Named Moreland, may have been scrapped in 1991
30-4-2T-T2'Babinda, QLDscrappedJohn Fowler #14666, 1914Named ANZAC, scrapped before 1975.
1BT0-4-2T2'Inkerman SugarBennett Brook Railway, Bennett Brook, WAUoperationalPerry Engineering, Mile End #8967.39.1, 1939Named Betty Thompson
20-4-2T2' unknown, Cardwell, QLDunknownJohn Fowler #16338, 1924
40-4-2T2'Tully Mill sawmill workshop, Daylesford, VICrestorationJohn Fowler #16339, 1925From Goulburn, NSW
50-4-22'Tully Mill Warwick Turner, Echuca, VICstored privateJohn Fowler #16341, 1925From Lachlan Vintage Village, Forbes, NSW
0-4-2T2'Marian Mill Warwick Turner, Echuca, VICdismantledDick Kerr & Co., 1910From Seaforth
60-4-2T2'Moreton Mill Warwick Turner, Echuca, VICstoredJohn Fowler #19930, 1933 Named Petrie, from Suncoast Pioneer Museum, QLD
9 (6)0-4-2T2'Millaquin Mill (South Johnstone Sugar Mill) Gisborne Steam Park, Gisborne, VICoperationalPerry Engineering, Mile End #9737.45, 1945
20-4-2cog3'-6"Mt Lyell Mining (ABT) Tasmanian Transport Museum, Glenorchy, TASdisplayDübs & Co. (Scotland) #3594, 1898
40-4-22'Mulgrave MillMulgave Sugar Mill, Gordonvale, QLDstored operationalJohn Fowler #20273, 1933Named Nelson
0-4-2T2'Mossman MillHunter Valley, NSWrestorationJohn Fowler #15947, 1922Named Ivy, from Wonga Beach, QLD
0-4-2T3'Warburton Steam TramwayB. Holmes, Huntingdale, QLDdismantledJohn Fowler #15989, 1923From Menzies Creek
3A100-4-23'-6"QR Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich, QLDrestorationNeilson Reid & Co. #1214, 1866From Limestone Park, Ipswich. 1167 has been found stamped in several places on the frame so the builder number may not be correct.
6A100-4-23'-6"QR Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich, QLDstored operationalNeilson Reid & Co. #1170, 1865
0-4-2T2'Inkerman Sugar Peter Neve, Loftus, NSWprivate operationalHunslet (Leeds) #1187, 1915Named Torpedo
70-4-2T2'Pleystowe Sugar Mill unknown, Mackay, QLDprivateHunslet (Leeds) #1026, 1910Named Seaforth
40-4-2ST2'PBPS Puffing Billy Railway Museum, Menzies Creek, VICoperationalHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1559, 1925
5 or 60-4-2T3' unknown, Mount Morgan, QLDunknownJohn Fowler #13576, 1918
0-4-2T2'Mourilyan SugarAustralian Sugar Industry Museum, Mourilyan, QLDdisplayJohn Fowler #4668, 1883
0-4-2T2'Moreton Mill unknown, Murrumba Downs, QLDunknownHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1078, 1914Named Maroochy, auctioned in December 2006, possibly sold for scrap
0-4-2T2'Moreton Mill (Babinda Mill) Nambour & District Historical Museum, Nambour, QLDdisplayJohn Fowler #14418, 1915 Named Bli Bli, from Maroochydore
60-4-2T2'Queensland Sugar Australian Sugar Cane Railway, North Bundaberg, QLDoperationalBundaberg Foundry #3, 1952
0-4-218" National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide, SAdisplayHall #1, 1951Named Juliet, from John, Norris, Lake Goldsmith, VIC then Mile End Railway Museum
40-4-2T18" National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide, SAoperationalPDSRMNamed Bub
60-4-2T3'-6"Australia Portland Cement Bellarine Peninsula Railway, Queenscliff, VICout of serviceHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #646, 1906
0-4-2T3'-6"Pioneer Sugar (NSW Public Works) Bellarine Peninsula Railway, Queenscliff, VICoperationalPerry Engineering, Mile End #271, 1927Named Klondyke. Built as an 0-4-0T 3 foot
10-4-2cog3'-6"Mt Lyell Mining (ABT) West Coast Wilderness Railway, Queenstown, TASoperationalDübs & Co. (Scotland) #3369, 1896From Zeehan
30-4-2cog3'-6"Mt Lyell Mining (ABT) West Coast Wilderness Railway, Queenstown, TASoperationalDübs & Co. (Scotland) #3730, 1899
50-4-2cog3'-6"Mt Lyell Mining (ABT) West Coast Wilderness Railway, Queenstown, TASoperationalNorth British Locomotive Co. #24418, 1938From Menzies, VIC
0-4-2T2' Red Cliffs Historical Steam Railway, Red Cliffs, VICoperationalKerr, Stuart & Co (Stoke on Trent) #742, 1901
60-4-2T2'Lune River Redwater Creek Steam Railway, Sheffield, TASrestorationHunslet (Leeds) #1844, 1936From Ida Bay Railway, Lune River, then Don River Railway, Devonport
90-4-2T2'Proserpine MillG. Harding, Strathewan, VICunknownThomas Green, & Sons (Leeds) #219, 1895
0-4-2T3'-6"Pioneer Sugar Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway, Swanbank, QLDoperationalPerry Engineering, Mile End #265, 1925Named Kilrie
1 (1)10-4-24'-8½"NSWG Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, NSWunknownRobert Stephenson & Co. #958, 1855
78M360-4-24'-8½"NSWG NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSWdisplayNSWGR (Redfern), 1877
70-4-2ST2'Mourilyan SugarLake Macquarie Light Railway, Toronto, NSWstored operationalPerry Engineering, Mile End #2714.51, 1951
10-4-2T2'Fairymead MillLake Macquarie Light Railway, Toronto, NSWoperationalBaldwin #10533, 1889From Thirlmere
90-4-2T2'Mulgrave MillM. Weaterhead, Tynong North, VICprivateDecauville (Paris) #454, 1906
100-4-2T2' Timbertown, Wauchope, NSWoperationalJohn Fowler #17881, 1929
70-4-2T2'Invicta Sugar Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, Woodford, QLDstoredDecauville (Paris) #247, 1897Named Victory
0-4-2T2' Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, Woodford, QLDunknownPerry Engineering, Mile End #7650.49, 1949Named R. D. Rex
50-4-2T2' Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, Woodford, QLDunknownHudswell, Clarke & Co (Leeds) #1705, 1938
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