2-6-2 "Prairie" Locomotives in Canada

In 1885 six locomotives with a 2-6-2 wheel arrangement were built by Baldwin for New Zealand Railways. In October 1898 Baldwin built a 2-6-2 for the McCloud River Railroad that was similar to 2-6-2s that they built for southern loggers in the previous two years.. In 1900 Brooks built several of this type Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. They were planned to be used on the mid-western prairies. However, they did not find favor with the Class I railroads. Only 1500 Prairies were built with many of them destined for short lines.

Railroads that used 2-6-2 "Prairie" Locomotives in Canada (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 2-6-2 "Prairie" Locomotives in Canada

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
10760ton2-6-24'-8½"Calcasieu Paper Ft. Edmonton Hist Assn, Edmonton, ABoperationalBaldwin #52255, 1919
1122-6-2T4'-8½"Canadian Forest Products siding near Telegraph Cove RD, Beaver Cove, BCdisplayBaldwin #56323, 1923Going to Port Alberni BC for restoration
10442-6-2T4'-8½"M-B Chemainus Rd, Chemainus, BCdisplayH.K. Porter #6877, 1924
22-6-24'-8½"Comox Logging Co Chamber of Commerce, Courtenay, BCdisplayBaldwin #34921, 07/1910Named The Deuce
10772-6-24'-8½"M-B Fort Steele Heritage Town, Ft Steele, BCoperationalMontreal Locomotive Works #65377, 1923
692-6-24'-8½"Calcasieu Long Leaf Lumber 3 Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town & Round House, Revelstoke, BCdisplayBaldwin #41562, 1914 From Sedgewick, AB
22-6-2ST4'-8½"Pacific Great Eastern West Coast Railway Heritage Park, Squamish, BCdisplayBaldwin #34270, 1910
12-6-2T4'-8½"Boyne City Lumbernorth of Hwy 7-8, east road 110, Stratford, ONrestoration, privateALCO (Cooke) #63534, 1922From Kansas City, MO
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