Costa Rica Locomotive Data by Wheel Arrangement

Builders of Steam Locomotives in Costa Rica

Surviving Steam Locomotives in Costa_Rica

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
822-8-23'-6"Ferrocarril del Sur (Cia Bananera del C.R.) main street 1/2 mile north of town, Golfito, CRIdisplayBaldwin #62445, 1940
812-8-23'-6"Ferrocarril del Sur (Cia Bananera del C.R.) park near municipal building, downtown, Golfito, CRIdisplayBaldwin #62444, 1940
20-4-0T24"Abangares Goldfields Ecomuseo Minas de Abangares, Las Juntas de Abangares, CRIdisplayH.K. Porter #3365, 1906 frame and firebox
16.5 ton0-4-0T18"United Fruit Parque Central, Las Juntas de Abangares, CRIdisplayALCO (Dickson) #30196, 9/1904 Erroneously listed as 22 inch gauge
842-8-23'-6"Ferrocarril del Sur (Cia Bananera del C.R.) downtown, Palmar Sur, CRIdisplayBaldwin #72669, 1946
592-6-0Costa Rica Northern Atlantico Station Museum, San Jose, CRIdisplayBaldwin #31880, 1907
140-4-2TFerrocarril al Pacifico Pacific Railroad Station Workshops, San Jose, CRIdisplay Named Gandoca
12-4-0Ferrocarril al Pacifico Pacific Railroad Station Workshops, San Jose, CRIdisplayDickson Manufacturing Co #1020, 1898 Named Maria Cecilia

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