4-6-0 "Ten-wheeler" Locomotives in Cuba

The 4-6-0 wheel arrangement was a natural progression from the 4-4-0 (American type) when railroads desired a locomotive with more power. The first example was built in 1847 by the Norris Brothers for the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. The early 4-6-0s were quite similar to the 4-4-0s of the time except they were a bit larger. The 4-6-0 became the best general service locomotive of its time. Around 16,000 were built. They were used on both fast freight and passenger trains.

The ten-wheeler was doomed when Atlantic (4-4-2) types got the nod for further mainline passenger power and when Consolidations (2-8-0) began head-ending tonnage trains. The 4-6-0 became practically a dead item for more than a generation.

Railroads that used 4-6-0 "Ten-wheeler" locomotives in Cuba (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 4-6-0 "Ten-wheeler" Locomotives in Cuba

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
15674-6-04'-8½"Argentina, Florida, CAMPittsburgh Locomotive Works #1592, 1896
17494-6-04'-8½"Argentina, Florida, CAMALCO (Schenectady) #56005, 1916
16534-6-04'-8½"Ecuador, Baragua, CDABaldwin, 1907
16544-6-04'-8½"Ecuador, Baragua, CDAVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #2992, 11/1919
16474-6-04'-8½"Maximo Gomez, Chambas, CDAALCO (Schenectady) #51796, 8/1912
15604-6-04'-8½"Maximo Gomez, Chambas, CDABaldwin
17364-6-04'-8½"Primero de Enero, CDA
17384-6-04'-8½"Venezuela, CDABaldwin #50735, 11/1918
16574-6-04'-8½"Venezuela, CDAALCO (Schenectady) #56018, 1916Highest drivers seen in Cuba.
15804-6-04'-8½"Costa Rica, El Salvador, GUA
16714-6-04'-8½"Costa Rica, El Salvador, GUABaldwin #52376, 10/1919
15044-6-04'-8½"E.G. Lavandero, Artemisa, HAVBaldwin #57010, 9/1923
15154-6-04'-8½"Mexico, Colon, MATALCO (Schenectady) #54844, 8/1914
4-6-04'-8½"Australia, Jaguey Grande, MATdisplay no drivers or dismantled, unsure of wheel arrangement
15334-6-04'-8½" Juan Avila, Union de Reyes, MAT
14324-6-04'-8½"Valle de los Ingenios near Pisa Tower, Manacas-Iznaga, SSPoperationalBaldwin #53799? BLW list shows 53799 as a 2-8-0.
15524-6-04'-8½" Trinidad Railway Terminal, Trinidad, SSPdisplayALCO
13424-6-04'-8½"MINAZCaibarien, VCLoperationalBaldwin #37172, 11/1911 From Marcelo Calado Railway
15484-6-04'-8½"Quinten Banderas, Corralillo, VCLALCO (Schenectady) #54843, 8/1914
16324-6-04'-8½"Jose Riquelme, Quemado de Guines, VCLALCO (Schenectady) #54836, 8/1914

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