2-8-0 Locomotives in Mexico

Railroads that used 2-8-0 Locomotives in Mexico (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 2-8-0 Locomotives in Mexico

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
2703 (1344)GR-322-8-04'-8½"FC Sonora Baja CFA (NdeM) city park near the S-BC Depot, Mexicali, BCNdisplayALCO (Cooke), 1907
62-8-0ngFCM (Mineral de Chihuahua)Santa Eulalia, CHHdisplayH.K. Porter #6950, 1925
1399GR-342-8-04'-8½"NdeM Estacion Frontera, Ciudad Frontera, COAdisplayALCO (Cooke) #26365, 1902
(501)2-8-0ngNdeMParedon, COAdisplayALCO from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
1140 (794)GR-202-8-04'-8½"NdeM Railroad Museum, Torreon, COAdisplayALCO (Brooks) #63109, 09/1921 Rebuilt on 6/29/57
67G-0232-8-036"FCI (NdeM) Museo de los Ferrocarrileros, Mexico City, DFdisplayALCO #5210, 1899 From Monument to Revolution Museum
900GR-32-8-04'-8½"NdeM Durango Depot, Durango, DGOdisplayALCO (Schenectady) #68742, 06/1936
903 (297)GR-32-8-04'-8½"NdeM depot, Acambaro, GTOdisplayBaldwin #35723, 12/1910 Displayed east of depot
296 (907)GR-32-8-04'-8½"NdeM depot, Acambaro, GTOdisplayAcambaro, 05/1944 May only be masquerading as La Fidelita. Origin uncertain. Once displayed in Canitas de Felipe Pescador, ZAC. Displayed west of depot.
286 (213)G-0302-8-036"San Rafael & Atlixco (NdeM) Cenro Cultural Sor Juana Museum, Nepantla, MEXdisplayBaldwin #57926, 1924 from FNM scrapyard
272G-0302-8-036"NdeM Parque del Pueblo, Nezahualcoyotl, MEXdisplayBaldwin
269 (194)G-0302-8-036"NdeM Diego Rivera and Isidro Fabela, Toluca, MEXdisplayBaldwin, 1924
279 (204)G-0302-8-036"NdeM Tren Escinico, Cuautla, MORoperationalBaldwin #55110, 1921
265G-0302-8-036"NdeMJojutla, MORprivateBaldwin
262 (187)G-0302-8-036"NdeM Museo de Historia Mexicana, Monterrey, NLEdisplay
535 (74)G-62-8-04'-8½"NdeM (NdeT) station, Matias Romero, OAXdisplayBaldwin #27414, 02/1906
143 (2)G-0242-8-036"F.C. Oriental Mexicano Oriental Depot 1, Oriental, PUEdisplayKerr, Stuart & Co (Stoke on Trent) #823, 1904
2-8-04'-8½"depot, Puebla, PUEdisplay
275G-0302-8-036"NdeM Ferrosur Station, Puebla, PUEdisplayBaldwin
40 (61)G-202-8-04'-8½"NdeM (FCM) National Museum of Mexican Railroads, Puebla, PUEdisplayBaldwin #5769, 1881
1150GR-202-8-04'-8½"NdeM National Museum of Mexican Railroads, Puebla, PUEdisplayALCO (Brooks) #63119, 09/1921
102-8-036"CyZ National Museum of Mexican Railroads, Puebla, PUEdisplayBaldwin #32647, 02/1908
001 (2)2-8-036"Ferrocarril Mexicano ( Potosi Rio Verde) Chihuahua Pacifico depot, Los Mochis, SINdisplayBaldwin #16525, 1899 Boiler replaced in 1947 #600880
1182GR-202-8-04'-8½"NdeM Museo del Ferrocarril, San Luis Potosi, SLPdisplay
2702 (1137)GR-202-8-04'-8½"S-BC (NdeM) S-BC Depot, Benjamin Hill, SONdisplayALCO (Brooks), 1921
70GR-0232-8-036"Ferrocarril de Sonora (FCI) Bella Vista Park, Empalme, SONdisplayALCO #5213, 1899
501 (69)G-0232-8-04'-8½"NdeM (FCI) city square, Nacozari de Garcia, SONdisplay
501 (218)GR-282-8-04'-8½"NdeM (FCM)along main avenue, Nogales, SONdisplayBaldwin, 1946
212GR-282-8-04'-8½"NdeM (FCM) Rts 119 & 136, Apizaco, TLAdisplayBaldwin #73238, 10/1946
281 (197)G-0302-8-036"NdeM Centro Deportivo Ferrocarrilero, Jalapa, VERdisplayBaldwin #55112, 11/1921
32-8-036"CIASA (CyZ) Cia. Industrial y Azucarera S.A. (CIASA), Juan Diaz Covarrubias, VERdisplayBaldwin #15784, 03/1898
1170GR-202-8-04'-8½"NdeM Tierra Blanca Station, Tierra Blanca, VERdisplayBaldwin #55083, 09/1921Mi Prieta Linda (My Little Black Girl)
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