0-4-4 "Forney" Locomotives in the USA

Locomotives of this wheel arrangement were generally larger versions of 0-4-2 locomotives. They were primarily used on elevated railways such as those found in New York.

Railroads that used 0-4-4 "Forney" Locomotives in the USA (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 0-4-4 "Forney" Locomotives in the USA

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
9 (5)0-4-4RT24"WW&F (SR&RL) WW&F Railway Museum, Alna, MEoperationalPortland Co, 1891
10 (4)12 ton0-4-4RT24"Revere Sugar WW&F Railway Museum, Alna, MEout of serviceVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre), 1904Named High Pockets, from Edaville, undergoing new boiler build
1 (22)5X80-4-4T18"Anacortes Railway (Homestake Mining) Anacortes Maritime Heritage Center, Anacortes, WAstored operationalH.K. Porter #4322, 04/1909 Converted from 0-4-0 compressed air by Tommy Thompson. Previously ran in 1999.
80-4-4T20"ACC (Coronado RR) Clifton Plaza, Clifton, AZdisplayH.K. Porter #1735, 1897Named Copperhead
10-4-4-024"CCV CC&V ng Railroad, Cripple Creek, COoperationalOrenstein & Koppel (Berlin) #2797, 19021960 photo from Avalos, Zacatecas Formerly named Goldfield, from Germany
40-4-4-0T24"Reynolds Brothers Sugar CC&V ng Railroad, Cripple Creek, COrestorationW. Bagnall #2831, 1947Meyer type mallet from a South African sugar plantation
1 (805)0-4-4T36"Cora-Texas Plantation Forney Transportation Museum, Denver, COdisplayH.K. Porter #1783, 1897
1509 (1315)A0-4-4RT4'-8½"Southern (Richmond & Danville) Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAdisplayBurnham, Parry, Williams #4160, 1880 Named Maud
1190-4-4T4'-8½"NYE (WACC) under intersection of US301 & 186, Garysburg, NCburiedRhode Island Locomotive Works #750, 1879 burried in 1933
60-4-4T31"Salem Brick Welcome Center, Gramercy, LAdisplayBaldwin #17737, 1900 Named Ann, from W. E. Butler, Ponchatoula, modified from 0-4-0T, from Lutcher, LA
2 (3)0-4-4RT30"Westfield Plantation (Dugas & Le Blanc)private, Los Angeles, CAoperationalH.K. Porter #4183, 09/1908Named Rosa, moved from Lampasas, TX to southern CA in 2011. May be located at the Santa Rosa Valley Railroad, Camarillo, CA
11770-4-4T36"Longview SugarBrad Milne, McKenna, WAdisplayDavenport Locomotive Works #1177, 1911from Ponchatoula, LA, then Richard May, Santa Monica, CA
156 (329)0-4-4T4'-8½"Napoleon Cypress (NYE)S of Lake Verret, Morgan City, LAabandoned
1 (709)0-4-4T4'-8½"Weil Gutman Tourist Center, Opelousas, LAdisplayDavenport Locomotive Works #1161, 1911 Named Mary Jane
64580-4-4RT36"M.A. Patout & Son M. A. Patout & Son, Patoutville, LAstoredH.K. Porter #6458, 1920 Named Bessie, very poor condition
10-4-4RT36"Belle Point & Reserve Orange Empire Railway Museum, Perris, CAdisplayBurnham, Williams #14064, 1894 Owned by Tom Gazi; Part of Grizzly Flats Exhibit. From Oxnard, CA
40-4-4T24"SR&RL SR&RL Railroad Museum, Phillips, MEoperationalWesley Spear, 1970Gasolene powered replica
30-4-4T24"Monson SR&RL Railroad Museum, Phillips, MEoperationalVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #2093, 191215 year lease from Main NG Railroad & Museum
0-4-4T36"Wil.B.IsaacsInformation Center, Pioneer Town, CAdisplay
40-4-4T24"Monson Maine NG Railroad & Museum, Portland, MEout of serviceVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #2780, 1918 Needs a new boiler
9 (2)0-4-4T4'-8½"Canadian Sugar (Farris Lumber) Inland NW Rail Museum, Reardan, WAdisplayDavenport Locomotive Works #1768, 1920 from Moses Lake then Pullman
21F0-4-4T4'-8½"NYE (WACC) tundra near mouth of Soloman River between Council and Nome, Solomon, AKabandonedNew York Locomotive Works #137, 1886
159F0-4-4T4'-8½"NYE (WACC) tundra near mouth of Soloman River between Council and Nome, Solomon, AKabandonedNew York Locomotive Works #149, 1886
303E0-4-4T4'-8½"NYE (WACC) tundra near mouth of Soloman River between Council and Nome, Solomon, AKabandonedBaldwin #5622, 1881
90-4-4T4'-8½"Lake St Elev RR Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOdisplayRhode Island Locomotive Works #2943Named Charles H
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