Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha 2-10-2 "Santafe" Locomotives in the USA

The Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway bought two "Santa Fe" type locomotives from the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1917. These locomotives were used as helpers on the grades out of the St. Croix River Valley at Hudson, WI. They were designated as class J-1 and assigned road number 491 and 492. These 2-10-2 locomotives had 57" diameter drivers, 27" x 32" cylinders, a 205 psi boiler pressure, they exerted 72,300 pounds of tractive effort and each weighed 322,000 pounds.

There are no surviving CStPM&O 2-10-2 "Santa Fe" type locomotives.


ClassQty.Road NumbersYear BuiltBuilderNotes
J-1 2491 & 4921917BaldwinNumbers 491 and 492 transferred to the C&NW in 1944 in exchange for two 2-8-2 Class J numbers 2363 and 2371, which became CStPM&O numbers 440 and 441. The C&NW converted numbers 491 and 492 to 0-4-2 in 1944 and then scrapped number 492 in 1949 and scrapped number 491 in 1953.
Specifications by Richard Duley
Wheel Arrangement:2-10-2
Length:82.-3 1/4"
Drivers:57. dia.
Weight on Drivers:297,400 lbs.
Total Locomotive Weight:372,700 lbs.
Locomotive & Tender Weight:481,800 lbs.
Grate Area:66.5 sq. ft.
Cylinders (dia. x stroke):(2) 27. x 32.
Boiler Pressure:205 psi
Tractive Effort:72,300 lbs.
Tender Capacity:
Water:8275 gals.
Coal:13 tons
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