Algoma Central 2-8-2 "Mikado" Locomotives in the USA

The Algoma Central Railway Company was started in 1899 and shortly after incorporating it had plans to lay track to Hudson Bay and changed its name to the Algoma Central and Hudson Bay Railway Company. Tracks never reached Hudson Bay, but the name remained unchanged until 1965 when the name did change to the Algoma Central Railway. In 1995, the railway became part of the Wisconsin Central Transportation Corporation and its name was changed to Algoma Central Railway Inc.

During World War II traffic increased on the line and the AC&HB sought additional motive power and found three railroads that were willing to sell it some second-hand "Mikado" type locomotives. Seven arrived in 1942 from the Wabash, two came from the Virginian in 1943 and eight were added from the Minneapolis & St. Louis during 1942 and 1943. These seventeen older locomotives helped the railway during the war and like all other steam locomotives on the AC&HB were gone by 1953.

There are no surviving Algoma Central 2-8-2 "Mikado" type locomotives.


ClassQty.Road NumbersFrom Other RRYear AcquiredYear. BuiltBuilderNotes
60160Wabash19421912BaldwinNumber 60 bought from the Wabash in 1942. Ex Wabash number 2426 scrapped by 1953.
60161Wabash19421913ALCONumber 61 bought from the Wabash in 1942. Ex Wabash number 2412 scrapped by 1953.
60562-66Wabash19421913ALCONumbers 62-66 bought from the Wabash in 1942. Ex Wabash numbers 2460, 2455, 2457, 2463 and 2458 in that order. All scrapped between 1951 and 1953.
70270-71Virginian19431910BaldwinNumbers 70 and 71 bought from the Virginian in 1943. Ex Virginian numbers 452 and 455. Both scrapped by 1953.
80380-82M&StL19421915ALCONumbers 80-82 bought from the Minneapolis & St. Louis in 1942. Ex M&StL numbers 602, 608 and 613. All scrapped between 1951 and 1953.
80183M&StL19421916ALCONumber 83 bought from the M&StL in 1942. Ex M&StL number 618 scrapped by 1953.
80184M&StL19421915ALCONumber 84 bought from the M&StL in 1942. Ex M&StL number 605 scrapped by 1953.
80185M&StL19431916ALCONumber 85 bought from the M&StL in 1943. Ex M&StL number 617 scrapped by 1953.
80286-87M&StL19431920 ALCONumbers 86 and 87 bought from the M&StL in 1943. Ex M&StL numbers 621 and 624 scrapped by 1953.
Specifications by Richard Duley
Road Numbers60 - 6670-7180 - 87
Wheel Arrangement:2-8-22-8-22-8-2
Length:76' - 9 3/4"74' - 7 ¼"73'-2 ½"
Drivers:64" dia56" dia.59" dia.
Weight on Drivers:207,140 lbs.219,000 lbs.187,000 lbs.
Total Locomotive Weight:266,840 lbs.269,000 lbs.260,000 lbs.
Locomotive & Tender Weight:425,140 lbs.437,000 lbs.416,000 lbs.
Grate Area:63.0 sq. ft.51.0 sq. ft.55.0 sq. ft.
Cylinders (dia. x stroke):(2) 25 ½" x 30"(2) 24" x 32"(2) 24" x 30"
Boiler Pressure:210 psi180 psi185 psi
Tractive Effort:54,408 lbs53,359 lbs.46,055 lbs
Tender Capacity:
Water:8.900 gals.9,500 gals.10,200 gals.
Coal:11 ½ tons14 tons17 ½ tons
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