Boston & Maine 2-8-2 "Mikado" Locomotives in the USA

The Boston & Maine Railroad leased five 2-8-2s from the Erie Railroad and they arrived in April of 1942. On the B&M they were designated as Class N and were numbered 2801 through 2805. These "Mikado" type locomotives were deemed unsatisfactory for service on the B&M and were retuned to the Erie just a few months after they arrived.


Erie Class Erie Road No.BuilderDate BuiltB&M Road No.Date Returned
N-13081Lima19132805June 1942
N-13127ALCO19132801June 1942
Wheel Arrangement:2-8-22-8-22-8-22-8-2
Drivers:63" dia58" dia51" dia63" dia
Weight on Drivers:
Total Locomotive Weight:307,000 lbs.318,000 lbs.
Locomotive & Tender Weight:
Grate Area:
Cylinders:(2) 27" dia. x 30" stroke(2) 27" dia. x 30" stroke
Boiler Pressure:
Tractive Effort:56,000 lbs56,000 lbs
Tender Capacity:
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