Copper River and Northwestern 2-8-2 "Mikado" Locomotives in the USA

The CR&NW's last locomotive purchase was five Alco Brooks 2-8-2s, delivered in two batches: 70-72 in 1915 and 73-74 in 1917. While these reflected modern standards of design, with a wide firebox, trailing truck, and probably superheaters, they had only 48 inch drivers.

The CR&NW operated between Cordova and Kennicott, Alaska from 1910 to 1938. One thing worth noting is the fact that to date: it is the only non-government, standard gauge railroad to "successfully operate" in the state. The Alaska Railroad continues to operate under state government ownership.

In 1938 when CR&NW was abandoned, the McCloud River Railroad bought 72 and 73, which became McCloud River #26 and #27. #26 was scrapped in November 1955. #27 was scrapped by the end of 1953.

In May 1947 McCloud River sold the large rectangular tenders with which the pair arrived from Alaska to the Shevlin Hixon Lumber Company of Bend, Oregon for $3,714.00 for use with their locomotives #4 and #8. Shevlin Hixon operated log trains over the Great Northern mainline from Bend south to Chemult and needed the larger tenders so that their locomotives could make that run. Should be noted that while McCloud River Railroad was technically independent, it was controlled by the same group of stockholders that also owned the McCloud River and Shevilin Hixon lumber companies, and the ownership group marketed the output of both mills together under the Shevlin Pine Sales umbrella. McCloud River initially purchased one Vanderbuilt-style tender from the Southern Pacific for the #27 at a cost of $2,615.41 ($2,000 f.o.b. Oakland, $124.20 freight, $491.21 conditioning, purchased 5/1947). The railroad then removed the tender from the #15 and mated it to the #26, but after a short time the company purchased a second Vanderbuilt tender from SP at a cost of $ 2,297.68 ($2,000 f.o.b. Mt. Shasta City, plus $297.68 to install, purchased 7/1947) and reunited the #15 with its tender.

Information courtesy John Bruce and Jeff Moore..


CR&NW Road NumberYear BuiltBuilderConstruction NumberDispositionReceiverNew Road Number
X-4soldNorthern Pacific46
701915ALCO55490soldMidland Terminal62
711915ALCO55491sold 1940Alaska Railroad
721915ALCO55492sold 1938McCloud River Railroad26
731917ALCO57291boiler exploded, rebuilt, sold 1938?McCloud River Railroad27
741917ALCO58164soldMidland Terminal63
 72 & 73
Wheel Arrangement:2-8-2
Drivers:48" dia
Cylinders (dia. x stroke):20" x 28"
Boiler Pressure:180 psi
Tractive Effort:35,700 lbs
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