Missouri & Arkansas 2-8-2 "Mikado" Locomotives in the USA

Roster by Richard Duley

ClassNumbersYear BuiltBuilder
 50-55 NOTE *
NOTE *:The M&A purchased six mikados from the Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast and numbered them 50-55. AB&C numbers were: 210, 201, 202, 206, 203, 207 renumbered in that order.
 Class M1sClass M2sClass M2asClass M3sClass M3asClass M63
Wheel Arrangement:2-8-22-8-22-8-22-8-22-8-22-8-2
Weight on Drivers:
Total Locomotive Weight:
Locomotive & Tender Weight:
Grate Area:70 sq ft94.8 sq ft
Cylinders:(2) 27" dia. x 30" stroke
Boiler Pressure:200 psi
Tractive Effort:
Tender Capacity:
Water:10,000 gallons10,000 gallons10,000 gallons10,000 gallons10,000 gallons12,000 gallons
Compressor:single cross compound pumptwo single phase pumpstwo single phase pumpstwo single phase pumpstwo single phase pumps
Notes:USRA Heavycast Delta trailing trucksbuilt with feedwater heaters