Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad 2-8-2 "Mikado" Locomotives in the USA

The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad has five operating steam locomotives. Included are two 2-8-2s and three geared logging locomotives: a Shay, a Heisler, and a Climax. Normally Mt Rainer's trains are powered by either an ALCO-built 2-8-2T (#17) or a Porter-built 2-8-2 ( #5). However, the geared locomotives are operated for special events, charters, and on some of the regular trains.

The excursion trains operate from Elbe to Mineral Lake on a one and one half hour, 14 mile round trip. There is a 15-minute stop at Mineral Lake during the trip. Passenger may also stay over at the lake and return to Elbe on a later train if desired. There are picnic tables provided at Mineral Lake for train passengers. See the official Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad web site for further details.


Mt. Rainier Scenic 2-8-2 Roster
Qty.Road NumbersYear BuiltBuilderNotes
151924H. K. Porter1
  1. Ex Carlton & Coast Railroad #55, later was Port of Grays Harbor #5. Retired in and put on display at the Schafer Game Farm. Restored by Mt. Rainier Scenic in Elba, WA in 1983.
  2. Ex Crossett Western Company #11, later was Hammond Lumber Company #17. Stranded in the woods after a 1945 forest fire. Rescued in 1965 for use on a California tourist railroad, the engine was moved to Elbe in 1981 and was restored to operable condition in 1994.
  3. Not operational. Ex Polson Logging Co. Rayonier Inc bought it in 1945. Continues in operation until 1962. Bought by Maynard Laing and operated on a tourist railroad in Washington State. Arrived in Elbe in 1994 and is waiting to be restored.
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