Oahu Railway and Land Company 2-8-2 "Mikado" Locomotives in the USA

The Oahu Railway and Land Company was organized in 1888 on Oahu, the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. The railway was headquartered in Honolulu and was built to connect the docks in Honolulu with the sugar cane plantations. By August 1889 tracks were being laid, locomotives were ordered and some of the rolling stock was already on hand. The first locomotives were very small 4-4-0 types, which were more than adequate to pull the flat cars used for freight.

By the early 1920s the railway needed new motive power and it was impressed by reports of how well the new Class K-28 locomotives were doing on the D&RGW. The Oahu ordered two locomotives from the American Locomotive Company of a design similar to the ones on the D&RGW. They were delivered in 1925 and shortly thereafter two more were ordered for delivery in early 1926. These four locomotives were numbered 60, 70, 80 and 90 and were the only 2-8-2s the railway would own.

There are no surviving Oahu Railway 2-8-2 "Mikado" type locomotives.

Railroad:Oahu 60-90D&RGW K-28
Wheel Arrangement:2-8-22-8-2
Length:59'-8"62'-9 1/2"
Drivers:44" dia.44" dia.
Weight on Drivers:119,500 lbs.113,500 lbs.
Total Locomotive Weight:156,000 lbs156,000 lbs
Locomotive & Tender Weight:239,300 lbs.254,500 lbs.
Grate Area:30.17 sq. ft.
Cylinders (dia. x stroke):(2) 18" x 22"(2) 18" x 22"
Boiler Pressure:200 psi200 psi
Tractive Effort:27,540 lbs.27,540 lbs.
Tender Capacity:
Water:3,000 gals.5,000 gals.
Oil/Coal:1,800 gals.8 tons
  • 70 (Hawaiian Railway Society Collection - Bill Blewett Photo)
  • 80 (Hawaiian Railway Society Collection - Fred Stindt Photo)
  • 80 (Victor Norton Photo © Hawaiian Railway Society Collection)
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