Well finally I have a little info on this message from a few months ago.
I have included some photos for your viewing pleasure. You may to add
them to your site if you so desire. This steamer I found out in
Michigan's thumb just East of the town of Caro. I have found one guy who
had seen it about 10 years ago near Owosso who had taken over some GTW
trackage between Owosso and Durand. He formed the Sweetline RR and got
this steamer from somewhere as yet not known as well as a small 45 ton
diesel. From what I was told this steamer was in rough shape even back
than. Never the less he did letter it for sweetline although it is not
known if he ever intended to attempt to run it. He never lettered the
diesel and it is not known if he ever had a revenue mile. He did file
papers for the railroad though. Digging some info it was suggested that
this may be the engine from the BASF plant in Wyandotte whcih was
rumored to have been seen there into the 70's although probably nor
operational. There is another fireless steamer in Harbor Beach which I
think is on you list but I had seen that one there some years after the
fellow who had seen this one near Owosso so it is probably not the same
engine... I will continue to do some digging for you on the matter. In
the mean time I located another Michigan steamer not on your list. It is
an ancient one in Shelby Township. Located in a park there behind the
city hall. I have asked around and no one knows or knew it was there
except for the guy who sit's next to me at work! This one has a Cheesy
rebuilt cab but is immaculately maintained. It looks to be of 1890's
vintage and there is a sign stating that it was donated by the Lions
club nack in 1977. I will send pix of that when I get them back and scan
them in.
Richard Weiss <email>
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