2-4-0 "Porter" Locomotives in the USA

In the USA this wheel arrangement was mainly used in industrial plants. H. K. Porter was the primary builder of this type.

Railroads that used 2-4-0 "Porter" locomotives in the USA (data provided by Steve Llanso of Sweat House Media)

Surviving Examples of 2-4-0 "Porter" Locomotives in the USA

No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
4 (10)2-4-04'-8½"Portland Cement Rusty Wheels Old Engine Club, Bellefonte, ARdisplayBaldwin #51840, 1919
4 (10)2-4-036"Raritan River Sand Co. Disneyland, Anaheim, CAoperationalBaldwin #58367, 1925Named Ernest S. Marsh
2 (5)B-S2-4-036"CP&LE (Acme Brick) Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CAstoredH.K. Porter #7084, 1940Named Jennie K, built as an 0-4-0T, last ran in the 1980s, from Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad
212-4-04'-8½"V&T California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CAdisplayBaldwin #3689, 1875Named J.W. Bowker
2 (800)2-4-036"Lehigh Stone Pacific Coast Railroad, Santa Margarita, CAprivateVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #3837, 1921 from Cedar Point, then Wild World, Largo, MD, then Cleveland, then became the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman engine
12-4-04'-8½"PRR (C&A) National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Museum, Washington, DCdisplayRobert Stephenson & Co. #25, 1831Named John Bull, last operated in 1981
32-4-04'-8½"Maddox Foundry Archer Historical Society Railroad Museum, Maddox Foundry And Machine Works, Archer, FLrestorationBaldwin (Burnham) #28398, 6/1906restored in early 1960s
2-4-036"Mackie Clemens FuelSix Flags Over Georgia, Austell, GAstored (diesel)Davenport, 1979 Named Elizabeth, from Opryland, Nashville, later Six Flags Astroworld, built as diesel hydraulic
7 (2)2-4-04'-8½"PL&W (American Viscose) Heritage Park, McDonough, GAdisplayH.K. Porter #7211, 1934 from Laurel Highland RR, Hal Harkness and Buckeye Central in the 1980s
7212-4-016" Georgia Museum of Agriculture, Tifton, GAstoredArthur Mobley, 1924privately constructed replica of 1895 Montparnasse train disaster locomotive and used in the film Hugo
2-4-0T30"Koloa Sugar Grove Farm Homestead Museum, Puhi, Kauai, HIstored operationalHohenzollern #426, 1887 Named Paulo, from Romania
3 (36)B-S-I2-4-036"Carbon Limestone Lahaina Kaanapali & Pacific, Lahaina, Maui, HIoperationalH.K. Porter #7397, 1943Named Mrytl
1 (35)B-S-I2-4-036"Carbon Limestone Lahaina Kaanapali & Pacific, Lahaina, Maui, HIoperationalH.K. Porter #7398, 1943Named Anaka
12-4-0ngPort Huron & Northwestern Port Huron Museum, Port Huron, MIdisplayH.K. Porter #323, 12/1878Named D. B. Harrington.
762-4-0T24"Frisco (Hans Vatter) Silver Dollar City, Branson, MOoperationalCeskomoravska Kolben Danek #1880, 1940
72-4-0T24"Frisco (Peter Buescher & Sohn) Silver Dollar City, Branson, MOdisplayOrenstein & Koppel (Berlin) #12480, 1934 On display as derelict locomotive
432-4-0T24"Frisco (Peter Buescher & Sohn) Silver Dollar City, Branson, MOoperationalOrenstein & Koppel (Berlin) #12503, 1934
132-4-0T24"Frisco (Kies und Schotterwerke Nordmark) Silver Dollar City, Branson, MOoperationalOrenstein & Koppel (Berlin) #13168, 1938
9 (3)B-S2-4-042"Cannonball Express (Roden Coal) Signature Commercial Real Estate, Springfield, MOdisplayH.K. Porter #5904, 08/1919Owned by Jim D. Morris. From George Morrison, Maryville, TN
442-4-0 Railstar, Black Clawson, Watertown, NYstoredfrom Frontier Town, Lake George, NY
62-4-036"Fairmount & Baltimore Coal & CokeHooven, OHH.K. Porter #7036, 1926to Mission Creek MN, currently in Japan
222-4-036"Merry Bros Brick Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, Sandusky, OHoperationalVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre), 1922 Named Myron H
4 (34)2-4-036"Cherokee Wonderland (Carbon Limestone) Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, Sandusky, OHoperationalH.K. Porter #7348, 03/1942to Cherokee Wonderland named Victoria R, then to Cedar Point and named George R
1 (55)2-4-036"N&S Coal Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, Sandusky, OHoperationalDavenport #2081, 1927 Formerly named Ward Kimball, built as 0-4-2T, from Disneyland, Disneyworld, Knott's Berry Farm. Rebult at McMillan Park at Midwest Central Railroad, Mt. Pleasant, IA, in 1991.
5 (802)2-4-036"Lehigh Stone Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, Sandusky, OHoperationalVulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre) #3333, 1923 Named Judy K
1 (33)B-S-I2-4-036"Huff & Puff (Carbon Limestone) Dry Gulch USA, Adair, OKoperationalH.K. Porter #7347to Arthur Seifurt, Hilliard, FL then toHuff & Puff, Memphis, TN, Then to Fayette, MS, propane
12 (23)2-4-0T4'-8½"Marble Cliff Quarries (American Rolling Mill) Foglio Trucking, Florence, ORdisplayALCO (Cooke) #56181, 12/1916info & photo built as 0-4-0T, from Bluffton, IN
12-4-04'-8½"PRR Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg, PAdisplayPRR (Altoona), 1940Named John Bull, replica, awaiting boiler inspection
6012-4-036"Tennessee CoalSix Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio, TXoperational (diesel hydraulic)Baldwin, 1917 Named Miss Kitty, diesel-hydraulic
67942-4-0T24"Clyde Schurman Machine Shop, Woodland, WAstored

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