Surviving Roundhouses and Turntables in Illinois

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Blue (Roundhouse and Turntable), Green (Roundhouse Only), Yellow (Turntable only), Red (Visual Remains)
TypeStallsYear BuiltRailroadCurrent UseCityStateCountryNotes
Visual Remains OnlyIllinois Terminal Norfolk Southern yardAltonILUSAoutline of foundation faintly visible
Roundhouse OnlyIllinois Central Sensient Flavors factoryAmboyILUSA2 bays of roundhouse are incorporated into a factory
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Burlington & Quincy BNSF yardAuroraILUSAfoundation visible
Roundhouse Only Two Brothers RoundhouseAuroraILUSA
Roundhouse OnlyChicago, Burlington & Quincy Roundhouse Event CenterBeardstown ILUSA
Visual Remains OnlyBelt Railway Of Chicago Belt Railway of Chicago yardBedford ParkILUSAfoundation visible
Turntable OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Canadian Pacific yardBensenville ILUSA
Visual Remains Only20Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Abandoned lot near UP yardBloomingtonILUSATurntable and roundhouse foundation
Turntable OnlyChcago, Rock Island & Pacific Iowa Interstate Blue IslandILUSAused by the Iowa Interstate Railroad
Visual Remains OnlyIllinois Central Canadian National yardBlufordILUSAturntable ring clearly visible, foundation faint
Visual Remains OnlyT RR A AbandonedBrooklynILUSAouter rim of roundhouse visible, 2nd street curves around roundhouse
Visual Remains OnlySouthern vacant lotBrooklynILUSAconcrete floor visible
Visual Remains OnlyIllinois Central vacant lotCairoILUSAfoundation floor visible
Visual Remains OnlyGulf, Mobile & Ohio vacant lotCairoILUSAoutline of foundation visible
Visual Remains OnlyIllinois Central abandonedCarbondaleILUSAfoundation fully visible
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Burlington & Quincy BNSF yardCentraliaILUSAoutline of foundation visible
Roundhouse and Turntable51904 Canadian National yardCentraliaILUSA
Roundhouse and Turntable8New York, Chicago & St. Louis Norfolk Southern yardChicagoILUSA
Visual Remains OnlyBaltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal wooded lotChicagoILUSAfoundation of 2 stalls visible through trees
Roundhouse Only5Belt Railway of Chicago Belt Railway of ChicagoCiceroILUSAtracks and turntable removed
Roundhouse and Turntable4 BNSF yardCicero ILUSAused monthly
Visual Remains OnlyIllinois Central abandonedClintonILUSAfoundation visible
Turntable OnlyBaltimore & Ohio CSX yardDecaturILUSApoor condition
Visual Remains Only12 rail yardDecaturILUSAFootprint of roundhouse is just visible
Visual Remains OnlyToledo Peoria & Western Toledo Peoria and Western yardEast PeoriaILUSAfoundation and turntable ring visible
Visual Remains Only abandonedEast Saint LouisILUSA
Visual Remains OnlySaint Louis Southwestern lot between rail yardsEast Saint LouisILUSAfaint outline of foundation
Roundhouse OnlyBaltimore & Ohio abandonedEast St. LouisILUSA
Visual Remains OnlyBaltimore & Ohio vacant lotFloraILUSAoutline of foundation faintly visible
Turntable OnlyWabash NoneForrestILUSA
Visual Remains OnlyIllinois Central wooded lotFreeportILUSAfoundation visible through undergrowth
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Burlington & Quincy BNSF yardGalesburgILUSAvery faint outline of foundation
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Rock Island & Pacific ag supply yardGalvaILUSAend of line turntable, pit filled in, ring visible, no roundhouse
Roundhouse OnlyWabash neglected and overgrownHewittsvilleILUSAno turntable or tracks
Visual Remains OnlyNew York Central Union Pacific yardHillsboroILUSAconcrete floor visible
Turntable OnlyIllinois Central Canadian National Homewood yardHomewoodILUSAturntable still in use
Turntable OnlyGulf, Mobile & Ohio abandonedJolietILUSAturntable partially visible through trees
Visual Remains OnlyElgin Joliet & Eastern Canadian National yardJolietILUSAroundhouse outer ring partially visible between tracks
Visual Remains OnlyIllinois Central abandonedMattoonILUSAundergrowth around concrete floor
Turntable OnlyChicago & Northwestern Union Pacific Proviso Locomotive FacilityMelrose ParkILUSAturntable still in use
Roundhouse Only5Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Scrap yardMolineILUSA
Visual Remains OnlyIllinois Central vacant lotMoundsILUSAfaint outline of foundation
Roundhouse OnlyGulf Mobile & Ohio Curwood printing, now closedMurphysboroILUSAadditions to 3 sides of roundhouse
Turntable OnlyChicago, Rock Island & Pacific Constitution Garden, city parkPeoriaILUSApreserved as historical display in park
Visual Remains OnlyPeoria & Perkin Union RR Greenbrier Castings outdoor storagePeoriaILUSAroundhouse trackways visible under outdoor storage
Turntable OnlyBaltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal CSX yardRiverdaleILUSAturntable still in use
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Burlington & Quincy Iowa Interstate yardRock IslandILUSAmore recent 1 bay building on part of foundation
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific vacant lotRock IslandILUSAonly portion of outer wall remains
Visual Remains Only4CMSP&P FoundationRockfordILUSATurntable pit visible, trees hide foundation.
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & Alton Kansas City Southern yardRoodhouseILUSAconcrete floor used for hard storage
Roundhouse OnlyChicago & Eastern Illinois farmRossvilleILUSA
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & Eastern Illinois Union Pacific yardSalemILUSAfoundation visible
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific lawnSavannaILUSAfoundation outline visible in grass pattern
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Burlington & Quincy vacant lotSavannaILUSAfoundation visible
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Rock Island & Pacific National Railway Equipment outdoor storageSilvisILUSAconcrete floor intact
Visual Remains OnlyChicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific vacant lotSouth BeloitILUSAoutline of 2 roundhouse bays and turntable ring faint
Roundhouse and Turntable Norfolk Southern Calumet yardSouth DeeringILUSA
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & Northwestern Union Pacific yardSouth PerkinILUSAturntable ring visible, brush growing inside
Visual Remains OnlyChicago & Illinois Midland Illinois and Midland RR yardSpringfieldILUSAoutline of foundation faintly visible
Roundhouse OnlyChicago & Illinois Midland AFT ManufacturingTaylorvilleILUSA
Turntable Only Rail yardTiltonILUSA
Roundhouse OnlyChicago & Eastern Illinois abandoned near UP yardVilla Grove ILUSA
Turntable OnlyChicago & Northwestern Union Pacific yardWaukegan ILUSAnot in use
Visual Remains OnlyElgin, Joliet & Eastern vacant lotWaukeganILUSArubble on foundation

Statistics for Roundhouses in Illinois


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