Maine Central 2-10-2 "Santa Fe" Locomotives of the USA

The Maine Central did not buy any new "Santa Fe" type locomotives, however it did buy eight second-hand 2-10-2s from the Boston & Maine. These eight locomotives came during the years of 1936 to 1947. They were designated as Class A on the MEC and they were given road numbers 651 through 658.

There are no surviving MEC 2-10-2 "Santa Fe" type locomotives.

Roster by Richard Duley

ClassQty.Road NumbersFrom Other RRYear AcquiredYear BuiltBuilderNotes
A 8651-658B&M1936 . 19471920ALCOAcquired from the B&M between 1936 and 1947. Numbers 651-658 scrapped.



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