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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
786Mk-52-8-24'-8½"SP (T&NO) Austin & TX Central, Austin, TXrestorationAlco (Brooks) #55972, 1916 ASTA cracked cylinder saddle block
592P-6s / A-284-4-2C4'-8½"CNJ B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, MDdisplayAlco (Brooks) #25997, 1902
2295MK-92-8-24'-8½"UP Boise Depot, Boise, IDdisplayAlco (Brooks) #61924, 1924Appeared in UP's film Last of the Giants.
2412 (173)2-8-04'-8½"Truax-Traer Coal (MSP&SSM) park, Columbus, NDdisplayAlco (Brooks) #37606, 1905
2435T2-6-24'-8½"NP Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Duluth, MNcosmetic restorationAlco (Brooks) #42250, 1907
444G-11b0-6-04'-8½"B&M Alco-Brooks Railroad Display, Dunkirk, NYdisplayAlco (Brooks) #56532, 1916
5780 (780)G-43a2-8-04'-8½"NYC (LS&MS) Tramway, Eagle Lake, MEdisplayAlco (Brooks) #4062, 1901 wye?
402-8-24'-8½"A&R Valley Railroad, Essex, CToperationalAlco (Brooks) #61858, 1920
2522 (2976)25072-8-04'-8½"AT&SF (NYC) Major County Historical Society Complex , Fairview, OKdisplayAlco (Brooks) #47016, 01/1910
3B-32-6-036"Q&TL Huckleberry Railroad, Flint, MIdismantledBrooks #2475, 1894May return to Hancock.
6072C-22-8-04'-8½"UP Wyman Park, Fort Riley, KSdisplayAlco (Brooks) #44648, 1907
74 (30)B-4F2-8-036"RGS (Colorado & North Western) Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden, COdisplayBrooks #2951, 1898from Central Park, Boulder, later Uhrich Locomotive Works, Strasburg, CO
506E-12-10-24'-8½"DM&IR National Railroad Museum, Green Bay, WIdisplayAlco (Brooks) #60075, 1919
12-6-036"Q&TL Quincy Mine Association, Hancock, MIdisplayBrooks #1535, 1889Named Thos F Mason
1011L-22-8-24'-8½"MSP&SSM Old Smoky Rail Display, Ladysmith, WIdisplayAlco (Brooks) #61732, 1920
1 (567)4-4-04'-8½"Anthony & Northern (CRI&P)S of town, west of Hwy 19, Arkansas River, Larned, KSsunkBrooks, 1887sunk in 1919
6412-8-04'-8½"C&S LC&S Depot, Leadville, COdisplayAlco (Brooks) #40268, 1906
984-4-04'-8½"MS Central (LE) Wilmington & Western Railroad, Marshallton, DEoperationalAlco (Brooks) #45921, 01/1909
451F-92-8-04'-8½"MSP&SSM Comm. Hall, New Town, NDdisplayAlco (Brooks) #30646, 1905
2645E-25s4-6-04'-8½"MSP&SSM Mid-Continent Railway Museum, North Freedom, WIdisplayBrooks #3687, 1900
2564MK-102-8-24'-8½"UP Orange Empire Railway Museum, Perris, CAdisplayAlco (Brooks) #62881, 1921
900090004-12-24'-8½"UP Los Angeles Co. Fairplex, Pomona, CAdisplayAlco (Brooks) #66544, 1926 Three cylinder
539 (1762)W-32-8-24'-8½"SP&S (NP) Interprative Center, Port of Kalama, WAdisplayAlco (Brooks) #57954, 09/1917 From Battle Ground, WA; Williams, AZ
2825C-92-8-04'-8½"SP San Bernardino County Museum, Redlands, CAdisplayAlco (Brooks) #44984, 1908
353B-40-6-04'-8½"MSP&SSM Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion, Rollag, MNoperationalAlco (Brooks) #61760, 1920
794Mk-52-8-24'-8½"SP (T&NO) Sunset (SP/Amtrak) Depot, San Antonio, TXdisplayAlco (Brooks) #55980, 09/1916Planned for restoration
44P4-6-04'-8½"NYC&StL Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PAdisplayAlco (Brooks) #38831, 1905 Oldest surviving Nickel Plate locomotive
52 (2)2-6-036"WP&Y (Atlin & Southern) enginehouse, Skagway, AKdisplayBrooks, 1881
544 (206)Russian2-10-04'-8½"SAL (GM) North Carolina Transportation Museum, Spencer, NCdisplayAlco (Brooks) #58902, 1918
170L-1a4-6-44'-8½"NYC&StL Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOdisplayAlco (Brooks) #67211, 1927 Oldest surviving hudson
1190 (152)D-440-6-04'-8½"B&O (BR&P) Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek, OHdisplayAlco (Brooks) #28753, 01/1904 To Ohio River Sand & Gravel in 1953; retired in 1960 and displayed in New Martinsville, WV; to Mad River & NKP Museum in 1979; sold in 2008 to private owner in Dunkirk, NY; purchased by Jerry Jacobson in 2014
13 (6)G-7-S2-8-04'-8½"BC&G (KC&NW) Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek, OHstoredAlco (Brooks) #61579, 1920Purchased by BC&G in 1954; in service until 1964; sold to several tourist RR operations; purchased by Jerry Jacobson in 1993; used on summer tourist trains; now needs repairs; awaiting restoration
94TP-294-6-04'-8½"WP Western Railway Museum, Suisun City, CAstored serviceableAlco (Brooks) #46419, 1909Featured in Pollyanna
1024 (504)L-42-8-24'-8½"MSP&SSM (CI&L) City Hall/Soo Line Depot, Thief River Falls, MNdisplayAlco (Brooks) #50706, 1912 Only surviving Monon steam locomotive
112-8-04'-8½"Tooele Valley Tooele Co. Museum, Tooele, UTdisplayAlco (Brooks) #47764, 1910Placed in a city park in 1964
6382-8-04'-8½"C&S near Safeway parking lot, Trinidad, COdisplayAlco (Brooks) #40265, 1906 Last coal burning steam locomotive on the C&S
975F-12-10-24'-8½"SP (T&NO) Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILcosmetic restorationAlco (Brooks) #57978, 1918
3706 (109)2-6-04'-8½"Bevier & Southern (IC) Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILdisplayBrooks #3697, 12/1900Cosmetic restoration in 2019
3042-8-04'-8½"FW&D Wichita Falls Railroad Museum, Wichita Falls, TXdisplayAlco (Brooks) #40246, 1906
10 (16)2-8-2T4'-8½"Crossett Western (Hammond Lumber) Chelatchie Prairie Railroad, Yacolt, WAoperationalAlco (Brooks) #67652, 03/1929 from Shelton, sister to Mt. Rainier Scenic #17
8032-8-2T4'-8½"Long Bell Lumber Chelatchie Prairie Railroad, Yacolt, WArestorationAlco (Brooks) #66275, 02/1925from Shelton
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