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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
135 ton0-4-0F4'-8½"Potomac El Power B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, MDdisplayHeisler #43From Smithsonian Warehouse, Silver Hills
322 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Holly Ridge Lumber Dr. Marvin Kendell Estate, Barnet, VTdisplayHeisler #1415, 1920
142 ton0-4-0F4'-8½"Sweetline RR (Continental Can) Depot Restaurant, Caro, MIdisplayHeisler #38, 1936 from Carson City, MI
562 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Buffelen LumberOregon Coast Scenic Railroad, Centralia, WAstoredHeisler #1462, 1922from Tacoma City Watershed, Eagle Gorge, WA, to Tillamook, OR
320 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Santee River Hardwood Whitewater Valley Railroad, Connersville, INdisplayHeisler, 1906
242 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Forest ProductsJohn Tisdale, shop building, Davis, WVstoredHeisler #1589, 1929 from Rossville, GA, later L&N Depot in Adalusia, AL. For sale
955 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"CLCX Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GAdisplayHeisler #1479, 1923
780 tonHeisler3Tr4'-8½"Middle Fork RR Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad, Durbin, WVstoredHeisler #1607, 1939 from Bonsal, NC
1078 tonHeisler3Tr4'-8½"PLC Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad, Elbe, WAdisplayHeisler #1252, 1912
342 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Fisher Lumber JM Jones Lumber, Ferriday, LAstoredHeisler #1513, 1925 Stored in an old shed at an old sawmill.
236 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"SC&S Silver Creek & Stephenson Railroad, Freeport, ILout of serviceHeisler #1260, 1912
260 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Curtiss Lumber (Vancouver Plywood) Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, Garibaldi, ORoperationalHeisler #1198, 03/1910from Mt. Rainier Scenic, later Tillamook, OR
363 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Craig Mt. Lumber Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, Garibaldi, ORout of serviceHeisler #1364, 1917 from the Kettle Moraine Railway, then Green Bay, the Alamosa
186 tonHeisler3Tr4'-8½"PLC Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, Garibaldi, ORdisplayHeisler #1272, 1913From Fremont, CA
210-4-0F4'-8½"Herc. Powder Southern Depot, Hattiesburg, MSdisplayHeisler #34, 1935
9290 tonHeisler3Tr4'-8½"Potlatch For park, Lewiston, IDdisplayHeisler #1502, 1924
432 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Intl Shoe Co WMCRR, Clark's Trading Post, Lincoln, NHdisplayHeisler #1594, 1929Required staybold replacments, boiler not worth the repair.
2 (6)75 tonHeisler3Tr4'-8½"PLC (HH) Travel Town Museum, Los Angeles, CAdisplayHeisler #1369, 1918
340 tonHeisler2Tr36"WH Eccles Lumber Sumpter Valley Railway, McEwen, ORoperationalHeisler #1306, 1915Only surviving wood burning Heisler in the USA.
91 (102)90 tonHeisler3Tr4'-8½"WCS (KPM) Mineral Shops, Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad, Mineral, WAoperationalHeisler #1930, 1929
665 ton0-6-0F4'-8½"Cleveland Electric Lake Shore Railway Museum, North East, PAoperationalHeisler #39, 1937
118 tonHeisler2Tr36"Richardson Lumber Leslie Wilmunder, Palermo, CAprivate restorationHeisler #1225, 1911From Rancho Cordova then Marysville
122 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Phenix Marble Passumpsic Railroad, Passumpsic, VToperationalHeisler #1468, 1922 photos Owned by Marvin Kendell
330-4-0F4'-8½"T. R. Miller Newport Ind., Pensacola, FLdisplayHeisler #33, 1934
20-4-0F4'-8½"Connecticut Power Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum, Rush, NYdisplayHeisler #60, 05/1941
9 (5)36 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"TPLCo (Mt. Tamapais & Muir Woods) Pacific Lumber Co, Scotia, CArestorationHeisler #1446, 1920 Operated on the MT&MW from 1921 to 1924; currently in Sonoma County being restored
250 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"NP&TC Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie, WAcosmetic restorationHeisler #1488, 1923
270 ton0-6-0F4'-8½"Union Electric Co Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOstoredHeisler #56, 1940
1110-4-0F4'-8½"Bethlehem Steel Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg, PAdisplayHeisler #58, 1941Named III Aces. Roller bearings. Donated servicable.
40940-8-0F4'-8½"PA Power & Light Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg, PAdisplayHeisler #47, 1940Largest fireless locomotive ever built.
4 (5)53 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Chicago Mill & Lbr Co Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg, PAdisplayHeisler #1375, 1918
2 (110)0-4-0F4'-8½"Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek, OHdisplayHeisler #54, 03/1940Used at electric power plant in Groveport, Ohio; donated and moved to Youngstown in 1965; moved in 1974 to a restaurant in Sharon, Pa.; purchased by AoSRH and moved to Sugarcreek, Ohio, in 2018
586 tonHeisler3Tr4'-8½"PLC Niles Canyon Railway, Sunol, CAfuture restorationHeisler #1268, 1913
242 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Broughton Lumber Tillamook Air Museum, Tillamook, ORdisplayHeisler #1155, 1909from Mineral, WA
6 (1)47 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Blake Bros (Mason Valley) Roots of Motive Power, Willits, CAoperationalHeisler #1351, 1916 from Eureka, later Timber Heritage Association., Glendale
128 tonHeisler2Tr4'-8½"Yakutat & Southern (Minard Lumber) Y&S RoW near school, Yakutat, AKdisplayHeisler #1092, 08/1906 diesel mechanical rebuild
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