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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
433M4-8-04'-8½"N&W The Virginia Creeper Trail 1, Abingdon, VAdisplayAlco (Richmond) #40329, 1907
32-4-236"M.A. Patout & Son Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, TXoperationalAlco (Dickson) #1280, 1901 Originally named Mary Ann, renamed to General Sam Houston, known as the "Green Train", built as an 0-4-4T
1G74-6-04'-8½"Clinchfield B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, MDdisplayCC&IC Logansport, 1882Last ran in 1979
490L1a4-6-44'-8½"C&O B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, MDdisplayAlco (Richmond) #66555, 1926Rebuilt from an F-19 Pacific boiler and streamlined
253 (253)K-210-8-04'-8½"L&A (FEC) Bryant yard, Canal Point, FLstoredAlco (Richmond) #65770, 1924 from Nash, TX; later GCRM, then Hialeah yard, FL, then Fort Pierce, FL
250025004-8-24'-8½"IC Age of Steam Memorial, Fairview Park, Centralia, ILdisplayIC, 1937 Built from IC 2953 2-10-2 boiler (Lima)
630 (207)Ks-12-8-04'-8½"Southern (ET&WNC) TVRM Soule Shops, Chattanooga, TNoperationalAlco (Richmond) #28446, 1904 Appeared in movie 42
1481514-6-24'-8½"FEC US Sugar, Clewiston, FLoperationalAlco (Richmond) #61769, 1920 from Zerr's Historic Steam Train LLC, near C&O engine house, Traverse City, MI, then Monte Vista, CO. Owned by Don Shank's D&RG Historial Foundation.
701G52-8-04'-8½"C&O Main Street Park, Covington, VAdisplayAlco (Richmond) #49910, 1911
1024-6-04'-8½"GAN End-O-Line Railroad Park, Currie, MNdisplayAlco (Richmond) #64280, 1923
29 (35)2-8-04'-8½"AL Central Alabama Mining Museum, Dora, ALdisplayAlco (Richmond) #65287, 10/1923
30"Frontier Village Burke Junction Express RR, Folsom, CAoperationalArrow Dynamics, CASteam outline built for Frontier Village Amusement Park in San Jose
14-4-012"Folsom Valley Railway (Ottaway) Folsom Valley Railway, Folsom, CAoperationalErich Thompsen (Berkeley), 1950Named Cricket, from Tilden Park
0-4-0ngGreat American Scenic Brook Rother, Georgetown, CAstoredCustom Fabricators #16Built as a 2-4-0 diesel hydraulic. From Great America, Santa Clara, CA
162-4-0ngGreat America Scenic Six Flags Great America, Gurnee, ILoperationalCustom Fabricators #3Diesel hydraulic, Vulcan frame. Red
222-4-0ngGreat America Scenic Six Flags Great America, Gurnee, ILoperationalCustom Fabricators #4Diesel hydraulic, Vulcan frame. Blue
1504USRAl4-6-24'-8½"ACL Prime F. Osborn Convention Center, Jacksonville, FLdisplayAlco (Richmond) #59314, 1919 Restoration candidate
760-6-04'-8½"Trinity & Brazos Valley LASTA, Jefferson, LAstoredAlco (Richmond) #42929, 06/1907 From Bisso Towboat yard
30-4-0T-T4'-8½"AK Anthracitetundra, Katalla, AKabandonedAlco (Dickson) #41751, 1907Named Ole; Was to be moved to railroad park near Cordova hospital
10-4-04'-8½"IC (Natchez & Hamburg) Three Rivers Rambler, Knoxville, TNrestorationBraithwaite & Ericson (New Road London and Liverpool, 1834 Named Mississippi, Brought from England to New Orleans in 1836, displayed at Chicago Museum of Science & Industry, sold at auction in 2015
74-4-0ng Tropicana Laughlin Hotel and Casino, Laughlin, NVstored operationalCustom FabricatorsBuilt as a 2-4-0 for a Sea World theme park. Donated to Las Vegas Railroad Society.
7 (13)2-6-24'-8½"S&F (DV&RL) Travel Town Museum, Los Angeles, CAdisplayAlco (Dickson) #26264, 12/1902
54-6-218"BJWRR Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad, Oak Meadow Park, Los Gatos, CAoperationalMerrick Light Railway Equipment, 2013
7697692-8-04'-8½"AT&SF Old Coal Mine Museum, Madrid, NMrestorationRichmond Locomotive Works #2957, 1900 To be restored by 2028.
19194-6-216"Whiskey River Little A-Merrick-A Amusement Park, Marshall, WIoperationalMerrick Light Railway Equipment #1996named Lee W. Merrick
0-8-0T600mmJakob Wiederspahn Ag siding, Merrimac, WIdisplayMaffei (Munich) #4613, 1915 From Eagle Park Amusement Park, Cache, OK
102-6-015" Tiny Town, Morrison, COoperationalUhrich Locomotive Works (Strasburg)Named Cinder Belle
224-6-215" Tiny Town, Morrison, COout of serviceUhrich Locomotive Works (Strasburg)Named Occasional Rose; receiving new chassis
285 (2152)USRA0-8-04'-8½"Republic Steel (L&N) Kentucky Railway Museum, New Haven, KYdisplayAlco (Richmond) #66190, 03/1925 Being painted in 2019
625 ton0-6-2T36"Waialua Agr Co Hawaiian Railway Society, Ewa, Oahu, HIdisplayWaialua Agricultural, 1918
395.1043950-6-2T30"CFR Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, NEoperationalKrauss (Munich) #2360, 1890 Named Austrian (from Austria), restored by the UP
10-6-2T36"M.A. Patout & Son M. A. Patout & Son, Patoutville, LAstoredAlco (Dickson) #1005, 1898 Named Stephanie, rebuilt
34-4-04'-8½"Phil&Rdg Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, PAdisplayEastwick & Harrison #67, 1842
14-4-04'-8½"Central Pacific California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CAdisplayRichard Norris & Son #1040, 1863Named Governor Stanford
0-4-0T24" Bucksgahuda & Western Railroad, Saint Marys, PAgoneKrauss (Munich) #7656Named Marcia. From Big Bear Farm, Honesdale, PA. Now located in Germany.
8014-8-415"ATT&NW Arborway T.T. & Northwestern Railroad, Steelville, MOoperational privateMerrick Light Railway Equipment, 2006
12-6-015"CC&E Comanche Crossing & Eastern RR, Strasburg, COoperationalVirgil Uhrich, 1948
463K-272-8-215"D&RGW Uhrich Locomotive Works, Strasburg, COstoredUhrich Locomotive Works (Strasburg) replica, from Rio Golden Railroad
2050Y3a2-8-8-24'-8½"N&W Illinois Railway Museum, Union, ILdisplayAlco (Richmond) #64070, 1923Came to the museum in the late 1970s.
0-4-0T600mmsteel fabricating firm on Rt 9, Valatie, NYdisplayMaffei (Munich) #4125, 1925from Arthur Seifert, Hopewell Junction
1401Ps-44-6-24'-8½"Southern National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Museum, Washington, DCdisplayAlco (Richmond) #66888, 1926 Served on the Charlotte division of the SR.
190-4-036"Great American Scenic Railway Kirby Family Farm, Williston, FLoperationalVulcan / Custom Fabricators Diesel-hydraulic, from Great America, Santa Clara, CA then Williston Crossing RV Resort, was a 2-4-0
578E2a4-6-24'-8½"N&W Ohio Railway Museum, Worthington, OHdisplayAlco (Richmond) #46831, 1910 Operated until 1978
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