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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
16x100-4-0T24"Standard Mining Bow Hill Railroad, Bow, WAprivateH.K. Porter #1715, 1896converted from compressed air
12 (6)10 tonShay2Tr24"Good Roads Construction Foster Brook and State Line RR, Bradford, PAprivate operationalLima #3118, 05/1920from High Country Railroad, later Colorado Springs
24"unknown backyard, Dayton, OHprivate operationalCrown Metal Products (Elizabeth)from a California amusement park, no further information is available and I doubt this locomotive exists
0-4-0CA24"Hooper Eagan, Goldfield, NVprivateUniversal Dredge Mfg.
50NGG132-6-2+2-6-224"SAR Hempstead & Northern, Hempstead, TXprivate operationalHanomag (Hannover-Linden) #10598, 1928
18NG-152-8-224"SAR Hempstead & Northern, Hempstead, TXprivateHenschel & Sohn (Kassel) #21906, 1931
254-4-024"Reynolds Brothers Sugar Hempstead & Northern, Hempstead, TXprivateW. Bagnall #2522, 1935Named Simpola
0-4-0T24"Don Leap, Madley, PAprivate, storedBMAG #9114, 1927
0-4-0T24"Don Leap, Madley, PAprivate, storedOrenstein & Koppel (Berlin) #12721, 1936
110-4-0T24" Maine NG Railroad & Museum, Portland, MEprivate operationalHenschel & Sohn (Kassel) #22826, 1935 From Germany. Current whereabouts unknown.
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