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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
1163 (3)6 16D0-6-030"Central Guillermo Moncada (Elisha Atkins & Co) refreshment stand on Autopista, 175 km East of Havana, (between Havana & Sta Clara), Aguada de Pasajeros, CFGdisplayBurnham, Parry, Williams #7691, 10/1885 Named Inez; Carries two different numbers (457, 558) on either side of the cab, neither of which are correct.
11790-6-0914mmEl Salvador, GUABaldwin #31953, 10/1907
11780-6-0914mmEl Salvador, GUABaldwin #12976, 10/1992
1181 (2)0-6-0ngCentral Sta. Lucia (Rafael Freyre) Almacenes San Jose Artisans Market, Havana, CLHdisplayBaldwin #6608, 1882
11800-6-030"Rafael Freyre sugar mill, Rafael Freyre, HOLoperationalBaldwin #6456, 1882 Named La Mambisita; was displayed in Havana
10-6-04'-8½"Rafael Reyes, San Luis, SANBaldwin #35541, 11/1910
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