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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
12 (6)10 tonShay2Tr24"Good Roads Construction Foster Brook and State Line RR, Bradford, PAprivate operationalLima #3118, 05/1920from High Country Railroad, later Colorado Springs
Shay2Tr4'-8½"Cadillac-Soo Lumber city park, Cadillac, MIdisplay#549, 1898
2328 tonShay2Tr4'-8½"Stimson Mill CoOregon Coast Scenic Railroad, Centralia, WArestorationLima #169, 1887From Chehalis, WA then Tillamook, OR
65 (3)23-2Shay2Tr4'-8½"Kirby Lumber Co (R.E. Trabue)Red River, Colfax, LAsunkLima #1579, 1905
1Shay2Tr4'-8½"F.H. Stoltz Land & Lumber (Somers Lumber) Depot Park, Columbia Falls, MTdisplayLima #2769, 1914
8 (15)50-2Shay2Tr4'-8½"Crosby Lumber & Mfg RHSNNY, Croghan, NYout of serviceLima #2977, 1918From Eureka Springs, AR
Shay2Tr4'-8½"Siskiyou Lumber?west of, Dorris, CAabandonedLima Locomotive Works
6Shay2Tr4'-8½"J Neils LumberEscanaba, MIrestorationLima Locomotive Works #2938, 1917
6Shay2Tr36"Ely Thomas Lumber NJ Museum of Transportation, Farmingdale, NJstoredLima #3314, 1927
1 (2593)42-2Shay2Tr36"CPC Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad, Felton, CAoperationalLima #2593, 1912Named Dixiana
6 (7)32-2Shay2Tr36"WMRL&Co (Elk & Little Kanawha) Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad, Felton, CAdisplayLima #2519, 02/1912From George Morrison, Maryville, TN
112Shay2Tr4'-8½"Conasauga Lumber Galveston Railroad Museum, Galveston, TXdisplayLima #3241, 1923 Was displayed in Texas City
1333 tonShay2Tr36"McClure Lumber North Fork Lumber, Goshen, VArestorationLima #949, 1904diesel conversion, from McClure, VA
2 (6)37 tonShay2Tr4'-8½"Horseshoe Forestry North Fork Lumber, Goshen, VAprivate#918, 1904Once owned by Ralph Day, Biddeford, ME. Now owned by Will Harris.
5Shay2Tr36"Ely Thomas Lumber National Railroad Museum, Green Bay, WIdisplayLima #2940, 1917
4Shay2Tr30"R&TTM Rough & Tumble Threshers Museum, Kinzers, PAoperationalBruce Groininger #1, 1970New Jonas Stutzman built boiler installed 2016
4 (11)Shay2Tr4'-8½"J Neils Lumber (Thompson, Greer & Co.) Heritage Museum, Libby, MTrestorationLima #1643, 03/1906 Named Ole Four Spot
1024 tonShay2Tr36"Lima Stone Co Allen County Historical Society Complex, Lima, OHdisplayLima #3288, 08/1925 Partially scrapped after retirement but then fully restored by Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton in 1956.
5Shay2Tr4'-8½"EB&L WMCRR, Clark's Trading Post, Lincoln, NHdisplayLima #3066, 1919
5Shay2Tr4'-8½"Long Bell Lumber Civic Center, Longview, WAdisplayLima #3249, 1924
2Shay2Tr4'-8½"WTCarter Lumber (Behring) Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TXdisplayLima #2005, 1907
9 (122)36 tonShay2Tr4'-8½"Goodman Lumber Co Mid-Continent Railway Museum, North Freedom, WIdisplayLima #2143, 1909
3Shay2Tr36"Pioche PacificCraig Kinnerman, Olympia, WAprivate restorationLima #2194, 07/1909 from Hacienda Hotel & Casino, Boulder City, NV; then Tuolumne, CA
1Shay2Tr4'-8½"Crosby Forest Chamber of Commerce Park, Picayune, MSdisplayLima #3281, 1925
4Shay2Tr36"Diamond & Caldor El Dorado Historical Museum, Placerville, CArestorationLima #1896, 1907Owned by El Dorado Western Railway Foundation
1 (2)28 tonShay2Tr4'-8½"Allen Cooperagein swamp near Allen, Port Gibson, MSabandonedLima #431, 1893
1Shay2Tr4'-8½"Stimson Mill Co World Forestry Center, Portland, ORdisplayLima #2172, 1909photo & info
213-2Shay2Tr36"MI-CA Lumber (Hart & Horn)Turtle Bay Park & Museum, 800 Auditorium Dr, Redding, CAdisplayLima #122, 1884
Shay2Tr4'-8½"Garyville & Northerncanal E. of Hwy 61, Reserve, LAsunkLima
30325 tonShay2Tr4'-8½"Brooklyn CooperageSE of, Rimini, SCprivate abandoned#590, 1899 Probably a duplicate of the abandoned locomotive west of Wedgefield
6Shay2Tr24"Bucksgahuda & Western Bucksgahuda & Western Railroad, Saint Marys, PAoperationalPeter Learreplica
7 (1)50-2Shay2Tr4'-8½"Arcata & Mad River (Lamson Logging) Timber Heritage Association, Samoa, CAstoredLima #3014, 1918from Arcata, then Timber Heritage Association, Glendale
1Shay2Tr4'-8½"Meadow River Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PAstoredLima #2317, 1910in poor condition
3Shay2Tr4'-8½"PLC Mother Lode Fairgrounds, Sonora, CAdisplayLima #2297, 1910
3Shay2Tr4'-8½"Rayonier (Polson Logging) Tillamook Air Museum, Tillamook, ORstoredLima #2305, 1910from Mineral, WA
102 (2490)Shay2Tr4'-8½"Long Bell Lumber Vernonia Park, Vernonia, ORdisplay#2490photo & info
13 tonShay2Tr42"Sumter Pine & Cypress (Rocky Bluff Lbr) swamp west of, Wedgefield, SCprivate abandoned#196, 12/1887 Located in the swamp just West of Wedgefield
2978Shay2Tr4'-8½"Robert Dollar Roots of Motive Power, Willits, CAdisplay#2978 from Rio Vista Jct
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