Magma Arizona 2-8-2 "Mikado" Locomotives in the USA

The Magma Arizona Railroad bought a 2-8-2 locomotive from the Tremont & Gulf Railroad in 1954. The locomotive was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1917 and was assigned road number 7 on the MA. The locomotive was utilized in the 1962 epic M. G. M. movie "How the West was Won". In 1974 it was sent to the Texas State Railroad.

Specifications by Richard Duley
Wheel Arrangement:2-8-2
Drivers:54" dia.
Weight on Drivers:135,400 lbs.
Total Locomotive Weight:175,400 lbs.
Locomotive & Tender Weight:325,000 lbs.
Grate Area:
Cylinders (dia. x stroke):(2) 21" x 28"
Boiler Pressure:185 psi *
Tractive Effort:35,957 lbs.
Tender Capacity:
Water:6,500 gals.
Oil:2,400 gals
*Boiler Pressure is now 175 psi, with a resultant tractive effort of 34,014 pounds.
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