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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
5361P2e2-8-24'-8½"CPR Gould Coupler (industrial park), Depew, NYdisplayCLC #1775, 09/1926 Sold
453D4g4-6-04'-8½"CPR North Fork Lumber, Goshen, VAprivateCPR (Angus), 1912 Once planned to be restored by O. Winston Link, from New Hartford, NY
225 (1098)D10h4-6-04'-8½"CPR Reading Outer Station, Reading, PAdisplayCLC, 1913From Steamtown, Jim Thorpe, and Port Clinton, ran from 1992 to 1996, boiler worn out and damaged.
2929F1a4-4-44'-8½"CPR Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PAdisplayCLC #1943, 1938
2317G3c4-6-24'-8½"CPR Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PAout of serviceMontreal Locomotive Works #64541, 1923 Taken out of service in late 2010. Awaiting mandated 1,472-day inspection and overhaul.
972D10j4-6-04'-8½"CPR Strasburg Railroad, Strasburg, PAstored dismantledMontreal Locomotive Works, 1912From G. Hart, 1995. Very poor condition.
1278 (127)G5d4-6-24'-8½"CPR Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek, OHstoredCLC #2435, 1948Sold to Steamtown USA in 1965. Renumbered 127. Used on excursions then traded to Gettysburg RR for CN 2-8-2 3254. Minor crown sheet failure on GRR in 1995. Purchased by Jerry Jacobson in 1998. Received a partial cosmetic restoration in 2016.
1293G5d4-6-24'-8½"CPR Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek, OHout of serviceCLC #2450, 1948 Retired in 1959. Sold to Steamtown USA in 1964. Used on tourist trains. Featured in 'Terror Train'. Purchased by Jerry Jacobson in 1996. Taken out of service in 2014. Awaiting future overhaul.
2839H1c4-6-44'-8½"Atlantic Central (CPR) The Nethercutt Collection and Museum, Sylmar, CAdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works, 1937from Allentown, PA. Appeared in Coal Miner's Daughter
1246G5c4-6-24'-8½"CPRRailroad Museum of New England, Waterville, CTdisplayMontreal Locomotive Works, 1946painted in April, 2002
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