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No.ClassF.M. WhyteGaugeRailroad LineLocationStatusBuilder InfoNotes
473K-282-8-236"D&S (D&RGW) Durango & Silverton, Durango, COoperationalAlco (Schenectady) #64984, 1923Appeared in Love Those Trains. Converted to burn oil. Suffered piston damage on September 25, 2021.
476K-282-8-236"D&S (D&RGW) Durango & Silverton, Durango, COoperationalAlco (Schenectady) #64987, 1923Restored to operation in 1981. Taken out of service in late 1999. Restored back to operation in February 2018.
478K-282-8-236"D&S (D&RGW) Durango & Silverton, Durango, COout of serviceAlco (Schenectady) #64989, 1923 Restored to operation in 1981. Taken out of service in late 2016. Awaiting future overhaul.
480K-362-8-236"D&S (D&RGW) Durango & Silverton, Durango, COoperationalBaldwin #58558, 1925Restored to operation in 1985. Converted to burn oil.
481K-362-8-236"D&S (D&RGW) Durango & Silverton, Durango, COoperationalBaldwin #58559, 1925May be converted to burn oil next after sister K-36 locomotive 482 gets converted.
482K-362-8-236"D&S (D&RGW) Durango & Silverton, Durango, COout of serviceBaldwin #58541, 1925Restored to operation in May 1992. Being converted to burn oil.
486K-362-8-236"D&S (D&RGW) Durango & Silverton, Durango, COoperationalBaldwin #58587, 1925Acquired from Royal Gorge Park in trade for 499 in 1999. Restored to operation in August 2000.
498K-372-8-236"D&S (D&RGW) Durango & Silverton, Durango, COstoredBaldwin (D&RGW Burnham Shops) #20640, 1930
493K-372-8-236"D&S (D&RGW) Durango & Silverton, Durango, COoperationalBaldwin (D&RGW Burnham Shops) #20550, 1928From the Freighthouse Museum, Silverton, CO. Restored to operation in January 2020. Converted to burn oil. Uses the throttle of sister K-37 locomotive 497 on the C&TS.
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